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Smart MOT Questionnaire

Only Gold Members are able to receive a Smart MOT, and each Gold Member is limited to one MOT per annum.

Please provide details of your name, email address and whether you are investing for growth or income. This is the first stage of building your Smart MOT.

N.B. Please remember to use the email address associated with your Gold Membership.

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Only Gold members are able to receive a Smart MOT.

Please provide details of your name, email address and whether you are investing for growth or income. This is the first stage of building your Smart MOT.

N.B. Please remember to use the email address associated with your Gold Membership.

Please tell us more about your Attitude to Risk. This is the second stage of building your Smart MOT.

Please tell us which funds you currently hold. This is the third stage of building your Smart MOT.

N.B. Please only enter whole numbers for the portfolio percentages.

7IM AAP Adventurous
7IM AAP Balanced
7IM AAP Income
7IM AAP Moderately Adventurous
7IM AAP Moderately Cautious
7IM Absolute Return Portfolio
7IM Adventurous
7IM Balanced
7IM Cautious
7IM Income Portfolio
7IM Moderately Adventurous
7IM Moderately Cautious
7IM Personal Injury
7IM Real Return
7IM Sustainable Balance
AB American Growth Portfolio
AB Asia Ex Japan Equity Portfolio
AB Concentrated Global Equity Portfolio
AB Concentrated US Equity Portfolio
AB Emerging Markets Growth Portfolio
AB Emerging Markets Multi Asset Portfolio
AB Euro High Yield Portfolio
AB European Equity Portfolio
AB Eurozone Equity Portfolio
AB FCP I Sustainable US Thematic Portfolio
AB Financial Credit Portfolio
AB Global Core Equity Portfolio
AB Global Plus Fixed Income Portfolio
AB International Health Care Portfolio
AB International Technology Portfolio
AB Japan Strategic Value Portfolio
AB Low Volatility Equity Portfolio
AB RMB Income Plus Portfolio
AB Select US Equity Portfolio
AB Short Duration High Yield Portfolio
AB SICAV I China A Share Equity Portfolio
AB SICAV I Emerging Markets Low Volatility Equity Portfolio
AB SICAV I Global Dynamic Bond Portfolio
AB SICAV I Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio
AB Sustainable Global Thematic Credit Portfolio
AB US Small & Mid Cap Portfolio
Aberdeen Asia Pacific ex Japan Tracker
Aberdeen Asian Income LTd
Aberdeen LF ASI Income Focus
Aberdeen New India Investment Trust PLC
Aberdeen Smaller Companies Income Trust PLC
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd Aberdeen Diversified Income and Growth Trust plc
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd Aberdeen Japan Investment Trust PLC
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd Aberdeen Latin American Income Ltd
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd Aberdeen New Dawn Investment Trust PLC
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus Plc
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd abrdn China Investment Company Limited
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd Asia Dragon Trust plc
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd Dunedin Income Growth Investment Trust PLC
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd Murray Income Trust PLC
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd Murray International Trust PLC
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd Shires Income plc
Aberdeen Fund Managers Ltd The North American Income Trust plc
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I All China Equity
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I American Focused Equity
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Asia Pacific Equity
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Asian Smaller Companies
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Emerging Markets Corporate Bond
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Emerging Markets Equity
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Emerging Markets Smaller Companies
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Emerging Markets Sustainable Development Equity
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Emerging Markets Total Return Bond
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Europe (ex-UK) Sustainable & Responsible Invst Eq
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Global Mid Cap Equity
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Global Sustainable & Responsible Invst Eq
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Indian Equity
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Japanese Equity
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Japanese Smaller Companies
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I North American Smaller Companies
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Select Euro High Yield Bond
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I UK Equity
Aberdeen Standard Capital Balanced Bridge
Aberdeen Standard Capital Bridge
Aberdeen Standard Capital Falcon
Aberdeen Standard Capital Phoenix
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Global Innovation Equity
Aberforth UK Small Companies
Aberforth Partners Aberforth Smaller Companies Trust plc
Aberforth Partners Aberforth Split Level Income Trust PLC
Abrdn Std SCV II Emerging Markets Focused Equity
Abrdn Std SCV II Euro Corporate Bond
Abrdn Std SCV II European Focused Equity
Abrdn Std SCV II European Smaller Companies
Abrdn Std SCV II Global Corporate Bond
Abrdn Std SCV II Global Equities
Abrdn Std SCV II Global High Yield Bond
Abrdn Std SCV II Total Return Credit
Abrdn Std SCV II-SLI China Equities
Abrdn Std SCV II-SLI Global Government Bond
Acorn Asset Management Ltd Ashoka India Equity Investment Trust Plc
Activus Wealth Ltd MI Activus Investment
Activus Wealth Ltd MI Activus Opportunity
Aegon Diversified Monthly Income
Aegon Ethical Cautious Managed
Aegon Ethical Corporate Bond
Aegon Ethical Equity
Aegon Global Equity Income
Aegon Global Sustainable Equity
Aegon High Yield Bond
Aegon Investment Grade Bond
Aegon Short Dated High Yield Global Bond
Aegon Sterling Corporate Bond
Aegon Strategic Bond
Aegon Sustainable Diversified Growth
Aegon Sustainable Equity
Aegon UK Equity
Aegon UK Equity Absolute Return
Aegon UK Equity Income
Aegon UK Opportunities
Aegon UK Smaller Companies
Algebris Financial Credit
Algebris IG Financial Credit
Alger Alger Emerging Markets
Alger Focus Equity
Alger Sicav-Alger Small Cap Focus
Alger The Alger American Asset Growth
Alger Weatherbie Specialized Growth
Allianz All China Equity
Allianz Allianz Technology Trust PLC
Allianz Best Styles Global AC Equity
Allianz Best Styles US Equity
Allianz Brunner Investment Trust PLC
Allianz China A-Shares
Allianz China A-Shares Equity
Allianz China Equity
Allianz China Strategic Bond
Allianz Continental European
Allianz Emerging Markets Equity
Allianz Emerging Markets Sovereign Bond
Allianz Emerging Markets SRI Bond
Allianz Emerging Markets SRI Corporate Bond
Allianz Europe Equity Growth
Allianz Europe Equity Growth Select
Allianz Fixed Income Macro
Allianz Flexi Asia Bond
Allianz Gilt Yield
Allianz Global Multi Sector Credit
Allianz Global Small Cap Equity
Allianz Index-Linked Gilt
Allianz Japan Equity
Allianz Merchants Trust PLC
Allianz Renminbi Fixed Income
Allianz Strategic Bond
Allianz Total Return Asian Equity
Allianz UK Listed Equity Income
Allianz UK Listed Opportunities
Allianz UK Mid Cap
Allianz Unconstrained Multi Asset Strategy
Allianz US Equity
Allianz US Short Duration High Income Bond
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide China A Focus
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide Emerging Markets Equity
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide Emerging Markets Equity Income
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide EUR Investment Grade Credit
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide EUR Short Duration Credit
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide Global Factor Enhanced Equity
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide Global Small Cap Equity
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide Small Cap Innovation
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide US All Cap Growth
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide US Large Cap Growth
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide US Select Equity
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide US Short Term High Yield Bond
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide USD Investment Grade Credit Fund
Alquity Asia
Alquity Future World
Alquity Global Impact
Alquity Indian Subcontinent
Amber Infrastructure Group International Public Prtnrship Ltd
AMP Capital Global Companies Fund
AMP Capital Global Listed Infrastructure Fund
Apax Global Alpha Limited
AQR China A Equity UCITS
AQR Delphi Global Equities UCITS
AQR Global Aggregate Bond UCITS
AQR Sustainable Style Premia Global Equity UCITS
Aquila Aquila Energy Efficiency Trust Plc
Aquila European Renewables Income Aquila European Renewables Income PLC
Ardevora Global Equity
Ardevora Global Long Only Equity
Ardevora Global Long Only Equity SRI
Ardevora Responsible Growth
Ardevora UK Equity
Artemis (Lux) Global High Yield Bond
Artemis (Lux) Short-Dated Global High Yield Bond
Artemis Artemis Alpha Trust plc
Artemis Corporate Bond
Artemis European Opportunities
Artemis Global Income
Artemis Global Select
Artemis High Income
Artemis Income
Artemis Mid Wynd International Investment Trust PLC
Artemis Monthly Distribution
Artemis Positive Future
Artemis SmartGARP European Equity
Artemis SmartGARP Global Emerging Markets Equity
Artemis SmartGARP Global Equity
Artemis SmartGARP UK Equity
Artemis Strategic Assets
Artemis Strategic Bond
Artemis Target Return Bond
Artemis UK Select
Artemis UK Smaller Companies
Artemis UK Special Situations
Artemis US Absolute Return
Artemis US Extended Alpha
Artemis US Select
Artemis US Smaller Companies
ASI (AAM) Sterling Government Bond
ASI (AAM) Sterling Short Dated Corporate Bond
ASI (AAM) UK Smaller Companies
ASI (SLI) Corporate Bond
ASI (SLI) Emerging Markets Equity
ASI (SLI) Strategic Bond
ASI American Equity
ASI American Equity Enhanced Index
ASI American Equity Tracker
ASI American Income Equity
ASI American Unconstrained Equity
ASI Asia Pacific & Japan Equity
ASI Asia Pacific Equity
ASI Asia Pacific Equity Enhanced Index
ASI Asian Pacific Growth Equity
ASI China A Share Equity
ASI Corporate Bond
ASI Diversified Growth
ASI Diversified Income
ASI Dynamic Distribution
ASI Dynamic Multi Asset Growth
ASI Eastern European Equity
ASI Emerging Markets Bond
ASI Emerging Markets Equity
ASI Emerging Markets Equity Enhanced Index
ASI Emerging Markets Income Equity
ASI Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond Tracker
ASI Ethical Corporate Bond
ASI Europe ex UK Equity
ASI Europe ex UK Ethical Equity
ASI Europe ex UK Growth Equity
ASI Europe ex UK Income Equity
ASI Europe ex UK Smaller Companies
ASI European Equity Enhanced Index
ASI European Equity Tracker
ASI European High Yield Bond
ASI European Real Estate Share
ASI European Smaller Companies
ASI Global Absolute Return Strategies
ASI Global Balanced Growth
ASI Global Corporate Bond Tracker
ASI Global Equity
ASI Global Focused Equity
ASI Global Government Bond Tracker
ASI Global Income Equity
ASI Global Inflation Linked Bond
ASI Global Inflation-Linked Bond Tracker
ASI Global Real Estate
ASI Global Real Estate Share
ASI Global REIT Tracker
ASI Global Smaller Companies
ASI Global Sustainable and Responsible Investment Equity
ASI High Yield Bond
ASI Investment Grade Corporate Bond
ASI Japan Equity Enhanced Index
ASI Japan Equity Tracker
ASI Japanese Equity
ASI Latin American Equity
ASI Multi Asset
ASI Multi Manager Balanced Managed Portfolio
ASI Multi Manager Cautious Managed Portfolio
ASI Multi Manager Equity Managed Portfolio
ASI Multi Manager Ethical Portfolio
ASI Multi Manager Multi Asset Distribution Portfolio
ASI Multi-Asset Climate Solutions
ASI Multi-Manager Diversity
ASI Short Dated Corporate Bond
ASI Short Dated Global Corporate Bond Tracker
ASI Short Dated Global Inflation-Linked Bond Tracker
ASI Short Dated Sterling Corporate Bond Tracker
ASI Short Duration Credit
ASI Short Duration Global Inflation-Linked Bond
ASI Sterling Bond
ASI Sterling Corporate Bond Tracker
ASI Sterling Inflation-Linked Bond
ASI Sterling Long Dated Government Bond
ASI Sterling Short Term Government Bond
ASI Strategic Bond
ASI Strategic Investment Allocation
ASI UK All Share Tracker
ASI UK Equity
ASI UK Equity Enhanced Index
ASI UK Equity Index Managed
ASI UK Ethical Equity
ASI UK Government Bond
ASI UK Growth Equity
ASI UK High Alpha Equity
ASI UK High Income Equity
ASI UK Income Equity
ASI UK Income Unconstrained Equity
ASI UK Mid Cap Equity
ASI UK Opportunities Equity
ASI UK Real Estate Share
ASI UK Smaller Companies
ASI UK Sustainable and Responsible Investment Equity
ASI UK Unconstrained Equity
ASI World Equity Enhanced Index
ASI World Income Equity
ASI (Standard Life) European Trust
ASI (Standard Life) International Trust
ASI (Standard Life) Japan Trust
ASI (Standard Life) North American Trust
ASI (Standard Life) Pacific Basin Trust
ASI (Standard Life) UK Equity General Trust
Asset Value Investors AVI Global Trust Plc
Asset Value Investors AVI Japan Opportunity Trust Plc
Athelney Trust plc Athelney Trust PLC
Aubrey Global Emerging Markets Opportunities
Aviva Inv Climate Transition Global Equity
Aviva Inv Continental European Equity
Aviva Inv Corporate Bond
Aviva Inv Distribution
Aviva Inv Global Emerging Markets Equity Unconstrained
Aviva Inv Global Equity Endurance
Aviva Inv Global Equity Income
Aviva Inv Global Equity Unconstrained
Aviva Inv High Yield Bond
Aviva Inv Higher Income Plus
Aviva Inv International Index Tracking
Aviva Inv Japan Equity MoM 1
Aviva Inv Managed High Income
Aviva Inv Monthly Income Plus
Aviva Inv Multi Strategy Target Return
Aviva Inv Multimanager 20-60% Shares
Aviva Inv Multimanager 40-85% Shares
Aviva Inv Multi-Manager Flexible
Aviva Inv Strategic Bond
Aviva Inv Sustainable Income & Growth
Aviva Inv UK Index Tracking
Aviva Inv UK Listed Equity High Alpha
Aviva Inv UK Listed Equity Income
Aviva Inv UK Listed Equity Unconstrained
Aviva Inv UK Listed Small and Mid-Cap
Aviva Inv UK Smaller Companies
Aviva Inv US Equity Income
Aviva Inv US Equity Income II
Aviva Investors Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond
Aviva Investors Global Convertibles
Aviva Investors Global High Yield Bond
AXA ACT Framlington Clean Economy
AXA Defensive Distribution
AXA Distribution
AXA Ethical Distribution
AXA Framlington American Growth
AXA Framlington Biotech
AXA Framlington Emerging Markets
AXA Framlington Fintech
AXA Framlington Global Technology
AXA Framlington Global Thematics
AXA Framlington Health
AXA Framlington Japan
AXA Framlington Managed Balanced
AXA Framlington Managed Income
AXA Framlington Monthly Income
AXA Framlington UK Equity Income
AXA Framlington UK Mid Cap
AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities
AXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies
AXA Framlington UK Sustainable Equity
AXA Global Distribution
AXA Global High Income
AXA Global Short Duration Bonds
AXA Global Strategic Bond
AXA Lifetime Distribution
AXA Rosenberg American
AXA Rosenberg Asia Pacific Ex Japan
AXA Rosenberg Global
AXA Rosenberg Japan
AXA Sterling Buy And Maintain Credit
AXA Sterling Corporate Bond
AXA Sterling Credit Short Duration Bond
AXA Sterling Index Linked Bond
AXA Sterling Strategic Bond
AXA US Short Duration High Yield Bond
AXA World Funds ACT Global Green Bonds
AXA World Funds Asian Short Duration Bonds
AXA World Funds Emerging Markets Short Duration Bonds
AXA World Funds Euro Credit Short Duration
AXA World Funds European High Yield Bonds
AXA World Funds Framlington Global Convertibles
AXA World Funds Framlington Sustainable Eurozone
AXA World Funds Framlington UK
AXA World Funds Global Buy and Maintain Credit
AXA World Funds Global Credit Bonds
AXA World Funds Global Factors Sustainable Equity
AXA World Funds Global Flexible Property
AXA World Funds Global Inflation Bonds
AXA World Funds Global Inflation Short Duration Bonds
AXA World Funds Global Strategic Bonds
AXA World Funds US Dynamic High Yield Bonds
AXA World Funds US High Yield Bonds
Axiom Axiom European Financial Debt Fund Limited
Axiom Concentrated Global Growth Equity
Axiom Global Equity
Baillie Gifford American
Baillie Gifford Baillie Gifford China Growth Trust PLC
Baillie Gifford Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon PLC
Baillie Gifford Baillie Gifford UK Growth Trust Plc
Baillie Gifford Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust PLC
Baillie Gifford British Smaller Companies
Baillie Gifford China
Baillie Gifford Developed Asia Pacific
Baillie Gifford Diversified Growth
Baillie Gifford Edinburgh Worldwide IT PLC
Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Bond
Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Growth
Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Leading Companies
Baillie Gifford European
Baillie Gifford European Growth Trust Plc
Baillie Gifford Global Alpha Growth
Baillie Gifford Global Discovery
Baillie Gifford Global Income Growth
Baillie Gifford Global Stewardship
Baillie Gifford Health Innovation
Baillie Gifford High Yield Bond
Baillie Gifford International
Baillie Gifford Investment Grade Bond
Baillie Gifford Investment Grade Long Bond
Baillie Gifford Japanese
Baillie Gifford Japanese Income Growth
Baillie Gifford Japanese Smaller Companies
Baillie Gifford Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust plc
Baillie Gifford Long Term Global Growth Investment
Baillie Gifford Managed
Baillie Gifford Monks Investment Trust PLC
Baillie Gifford Multi Asset Growth
Baillie Gifford Multi Asset Income
Baillie Gifford Pacific
Baillie Gifford Pacific Horizon Investment Trust PLC
Baillie Gifford Positive Change
Baillie Gifford Responsible Global Equity Income
Baillie Gifford Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC
Baillie Gifford Sterling Aggregate Bond
Baillie Gifford Strategic Bond
Baillie Gifford The Baillie Gifford Japan Trust PLC
Baillie Gifford The Schiehallion Fund Limited
Baillie Gifford The Scottish American Investment Company P.L.C.
Baillie Gifford UK Equity Alpha
Baillie Gifford UK Equity Core
Baillie Gifford UK Equity Focus
Baker Steel Capital Managers LLP Baker Steel Resources Trust
Barclays Charity
Barclays Dividend & Growth Portfolio
Barclays Global Access Global Government Bond
Barclays Global Core
Barclays GlobalAccess Asia Pacific (ex-Japan)
Barclays GlobalAccess Emerging Market Equity
Barclays Globalaccess Emerging Market Local Currency Debt
Barclays GlobalAccess Emerging Markets Debt
Barclays GlobalAccess Europe (ex-UK) Alpha
Barclays GlobalAccess Global Corporate Bond
Barclays GlobalAccess Global Equity Income
Barclays GlobalAccess Global High Yield Bond
Barclays GlobalAccess Global Short Duration Bond
Barclays GlobalAccess Japan
Barclays GlobalAccess UK Opportunities
Barclays GlobalAccess US Equity
Barclays GlobalAccess US Small & Mid Equity
Barclays Multi-Asset Balanced Income
Barclays Multi-Asset Cautious Income
Barclays Multi-Impact Growth
Barclays Sterling Corporate Bond
Barclays UK Alpha
Barclays UK Equity Income
Barclays Wealth Global Markets 1
Barclays Wealth Global Markets 2
Barclays Wealth Global Markets 3
Barclays Wealth Wealth Global Markets 4
Barclays Wealth Wealth Global Markets 5
Baring China A-Share
Baring Emerging Market Debt Blended Total Return
Baring Emerging Markets Corporate Bond
Baring Emerging Markets Debt Short Duration
Baring Emerging Markets Local Debt
Baring European High Yield Bond
Baring Global High Yield Bond
Baring Global Senior Secured Bond
Baring US High Yield Bond
Baring Asset Mgt Barings Emerging EMEA Opportunities PLC
Barings ASEAN Frontiers
Barings Developed and Emerging Markets High Yield Bond
Barings Eastern Trust
Barings Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt
Barings Europe Select Trust
Barings European Growth Trust
Barings German Growth Trust
Barings Global Agriculture
Barings Global Bond
Barings Global Dividend Champions CL
Barings Global Emerging Markets
Barings Global Investment Grade Strategies
Barings Global Leaders
Barings Global Resources Fund
Barings Hong Kong China
Barings Korea Trust
Barings Latin America
Barings Strategic Bond
BB Healthcare Trust Plc
BlackRock Absolute Return Bond
BlackRock ACS US Equity Tracker
BlackRock Asia
BlackRock Asia Special Situations
BlackRock Balanced Growth Portfolio
BlackRock BCIF Balanced Managed
BlackRock Cash
BlackRock Continental European
BlackRock Continental European Income
BlackRock Corporate Bond
BlackRock Corporate Bond 1 to 10 Year
BlackRock Developed Markets Sustainable Equity
BlackRock Developed World Fossil Fuel Screened
BlackRock Dynamic Allocation
BlackRock Dynamic Diversified Growth
BlackRock Emerging Markets
BlackRock ESG Strategic Growth
BlackRock European Absolute Alpha
BlackRock European Dynamic
BlackRock GF Asian Dragon
BlackRock GF European Value
BlackRock GF India
BlackRock GF Japan Flexible Equity
BlackRock GF Japan Small & MidCap Opportunities
BlackRock GF Latin American
BlackRock GF US Basic Value
BlackRock GF World Energy
BlackRock GF World Mining
BlackRock Global Income
BlackRock Gold & General
BlackRock Market Advantage
BlackRock Natural Resources Growth & Income
BlackRock NURS II Consensus 100
BlackRock NURS II Consensus 35
BlackRock NURS II Consensus 60
BlackRock NURS II Consensus 70
BlackRock NURS II Consensus 85
BlackRock NURS II Global Equity
BlackRock NURS II Overseas Equity
BlackRock Sterling Strategic Bond
BlackRock UK
BlackRock UK Absolute Alpha
BlackRock UK Equity
BlackRock UK Income
BlackRock UK Smaller Companies
BlackRock UK Special Situations
BlackRock US Dynamic
BlackRock US Opportunities
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd Blackrock Energy & Resources Income Trust PLC
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd BlackRock Frontiers Investment Trust plc
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd BlackRock Greater Europe IT
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd Blackrock Income And Growth Investment Trust Plc
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd BlackRock Latin American IT
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd BlackRock Smaller Companies IT
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd BlackRock Sustainable American Income Trust plc
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd BlackRock Throgmorton Trust PLC
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd BlackRock World Mining Trust Plc
Blue Planet Invest Mgt Ltd Blue Planet Investment Trust PLC ORD 1P
BlueBay Emerging Market Aggregate Bond
BlueBay Emerging Market Aggregate Short Duration Bond
BlueBay Emerging Market Bond
BlueBay Emerging Market Corporate Bond
BlueBay Emerging Market High Yield Corporate Bond
BlueBay Emerging Market Investment Grade Corporate Bond
BlueBay Emerging Market Local Currency Bond
BlueBay Emerging Market Local Currency Corporate Bond
BlueBay Emerging Market Select Bond
BlueBay Emerging Market Unconstrained Bond
BlueBay Global High Yield Bond
BlueBay Global High Yield ESG Bond
BlueBay Impact-Aligned Bond
BlueBay Investment Grade Euro Aggregate Bond
BlueBay Investment Grade Global Aggregate Bond
Bluefield Partners LLP Bluefield Solar Income Limited
BMO Asia Pacific Equity
BMO BMO Capital and Income investment Trust PLC
BMO BMO Global Smaller Companies Plc
BMO BMO Managed Portfolio Trust Plc Growth
BMO BMO Managed Portfolio Trust Plc Income
BMO BMO Private Equity Trust Plc
BMO BMO UK High Income Trust Plc
BMO Corporate Bond
BMO Diversified Monthly Income
BMO Emerging Markets Equity
BMO Enhanced Income UK Equity
BMO European Assets Trust PLC
BMO European Smaller Companies
BMO F&C Investment Trust Plc
BMO FTSE All-Share Tracker
BMO Global Real Estate Securities
BMO Global Total Return Bond (GBP Hedged)
BMO LGM Global Emerging Markets Growth and Income
BMO Long Dated Sterling Corporate Bond
BMO Managed Growth
BMO MM Navigator Balanced
BMO MM Navigator Boutiques
BMO MM Navigator Cautious
BMO MM Navigator Distribution
BMO MM Navigator Growth
BMO Multi-Manager Investment Trust
BMO Multi-Sector Bond
BMO Multi-Sector Higher Income Bond
BMO North American Equity
BMO Overseas Equity-Linked UK Gilt
BMO Overseas Equity-Linked UK Inflation
BMO Property Growth & Income
BMO Responsible Global Equity
BMO Responsible Sterling Corporate Bond
BMO Responsible UK Equity
BMO Responsible UK Income
BMO Select European Equity
BMO Select UK Equity
BMO Sterling Corporate Bond
BMO Sustainable Opportunities Global Equity
BMO UK Equity Income
BMO UK Equity-Linked Gilt
BMO UK Equity-Linked Inflation
BMO UK Mid-Cap
BMO UK Property
BMO UK Smaller Companies
BMO US Smaller Companies
BNY Mellon 50/50 Global Equity
BNY Mellon Absolute Insight
BNY Mellon Asian Income
BNY Mellon Emerging Income
BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Corporate Debt
BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency
BNY Mellon Equity Income
BNY Mellon Equity Income Booster
BNY Mellon Global Absolute Return
BNY Mellon Global Credit
BNY Mellon Global Dynamic Bond
BNY Mellon Global Dynamic Bond Income
BNY Mellon Global Emerging Markets
BNY Mellon Global Equity
BNY Mellon Global High Yield Bond
BNY Mellon Global Income
BNY Mellon Global Infrastructure Income
BNY Mellon Global Leaders
BNY Mellon Global Multi-Strategy
BNY Mellon Global Opportunities
BNY Mellon Global Short Dated High Yield Bond
BNY Mellon Index Linked Gilt
BNY Mellon Inflation Linked Corporate Bond
BNY Mellon International Bond
BNY Mellon Japan Small Cap Equity Focus
BNY Mellon Long Gilt
BNY Mellon Long Term Global Equity
BNY Mellon Managed Targeted Return
BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Balanced
BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Diversified Return
BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Global Balanced
BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Growth
BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Income
BNY Mellon Oriental
BNY Mellon Real Return
BNY Mellon Responsible Horizons UK Corporate Bond
BNY Mellon Small Cap Euroland
BNY Mellon SRI for Charities
BNY Mellon Sustainable European Opportunities
BNY Mellon Sustainable Global Dynamic Bond
BNY Mellon Sustainable Global Equity
BNY Mellon Sustainable Global Equity Income
BNY Mellon Sustainable Real Return
BNY Mellon Sustainable Sterling Bond
BNY Mellon Sustainable UK Opportunities
BNY Mellon UK Equity
BNY Mellon UK Income
BNY Mellon US Equity Income
BNY Mellon US Equity Income Fund
BNY Mellon US Opportunities
British & American IT British & American Investment Trust PLC
Brompton Asset Management LLP New Star IT PLC
Brown SVS Brown Shipley Balanced
Brown SVS Brown Shipley Cautious
Brown SVS Brown Shipley Dynamic
Brown SVS Brown Shipley Growth
Brown SVS Brown Shipley Income
Brown Advisory Global Leaders
Brown Advisory US Equity Growth
Brown Advisory US Flexible Equity
Brown Advisory US Mid-Cap Growth
Brown Advisory US Small Cap Blend
Brown Advisory US Smaller Companies
Brown Advisory US Sustainable Growth
Caledonia IT Caledonia Investments PLC
Candriam Bonds Credit Opportunities
Candriam Bonds Emerging Debt Local Currencies
Candriam Bonds Emerging Markets
Candriam Bonds Euro High Yield
Candriam Bonds Global High Yield
Candriam Bonds Total Return
Candriam Equities L Emerging Markets
Candriam Quant Equities Europe
Capital Gearing Asset Mgmt Capital Gearing Trust plc
Capital Group AMCAP Fund (LUX)
Capital Group Asian Horizon (LUX)
Capital Group Emerging Markets Debt Fund (LUX)
Capital Group Emerging Markets Growth Fund (LUX)
Capital Group Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Fund (LUX)
Capital Group Emerging Markets Total Opportunities (LUX)
Capital Group Euro Bond Fund (LUX)
Capital Group Euro Corporate Bond Fund (LUX)
Capital Group European Growth and Income Fund (LUX)
Capital Group European Opportunities (LUX)
Capital Group Global Allocation Fund (LUX)
Capital Group Global Bond Fund (LUX)
Capital Group Global Corporate Bond Fund (LUX)
Capital Group Global Equity Fund (LUX)
Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities (LUX)
Capital Group Global Intermediate Bond Fund (LUX)
Capital Group Global Total Return Bond Fund (LUX)
Capital Group Investment Company of America (LUX)
Capital Group Japan Equity Fund (LUX)
Capital Group New Economy Fund (LUX)
Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX)
Capital Group US Corporate Bond Fund (LUX)
Capital Group US High Yield Fund (LUX)
Capital Group World Dividend Growers (LUX)
Capital Group World Growth and Income (LUX)
Carmignac Emergents
Carmignac Investissement
Carmignac Patrimoine
Carmignac Portfolio Grande Europe
Carmignac Portfolio Emergents
Carmignac Portfolio Emerging Discovery
Carmignac Portfolio Emerging Patrimoine
Carmignac Portfolio Family Governed
Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond
Carmignac Portfolio Grandchildren
Carmignac Portfolio Investissement
Carmignac Portfolio Patrimoine
Carmignac Portfolio Patrimoine Europe
Carmignac Portfolio Securite
Carmignac Securite
Carvetian Electric & General Investment
Carvetian The CCM Collidr MultiAsset
CC Japan Income & Growth Trust PLC
CCM Intelligent Wealth
CFP SDL Free Spirit
CFP SDL UK Buffettology
CFP Castlefield B.E.S.T Sustainable European
CFP Castlefield B.E.S.T Sustainable Income
CFP Castlefield B.E.S.T Sustainable Portfolio Growth
CFP Castlefield B.E.S.T Sustainable Portfolio Income
CFP Castlefield B.E.S.T Sustainable UK Opportunities
CFP Castlefield B.E.S.T Sustainable UK Smaller Companies
CFP Castlefield Real Return
Chelverton Asset Mgmt Ltd Chelverton Growth Trust plc
Chelverton Asset Mgmt Ltd Chelverton UK Dividend Trust Plc
Close Balanced Portfolio
Close Conservative Portfolio
Close Diversified Income Portfolio
Close FTSE techMARK
Close Growth Portfolio
Close Managed Balanced
Close Managed Conservative
Close Managed Growth
Close Managed Income
Close Select Fixed Income
Close Strategic Alpha
Close Sustainable Balanced Portfolio
Close Sustainable Bond Portfolio
Close Tactical Select Passive Balanced
Close Tactical Select Passive Conservative
Close Tactical Select Passive Growth
Close Winchester Investment
Cohen & Steers Global Listed Infrastructure
Cohen & Steers Global Preferred Securities
COIF Charities Ethical Investment
Colchester Global Bond
Colchester Global Bond Enhanced Currency
Colchester Global Real Return Bond
Colchester Local Markets Bond
Colchester Local Markets Real Return Bond
Colchester The Colchester Global Aggregate Bond
Colchester The Colchester Global Green Bond
Coleman Street Investments Growth Portfolio
Coleman Street Investments Income & Growth Portfolio
Coleman Street Investments Income Portfolio
Comgest Growth America
Comgest Growth Asia Ex Japan
Comgest Growth Asia Pac Ex Japan
Comgest Growth China
Comgest Growth Emerging Markets
Comgest Growth Emerging Markets Plus
Comgest Growth Europe
Comgest Growth Europe ex UK
Comgest Growth Europe Opportunities
Comgest Growth Europe Smaller Companies
Comgest Growth Gem Promising Companies
Comgest Growth Global Flex
Comgest Growth India
Comgest Growth Japan
Comgest Growth Latin America
Comgest Growth World
Consistent Opportunities Unit Trust
Consistent Practical Investment
Cordiant Digital Infrastructure
Courtiers Global (ex UK) Equity Income
Courtiers Investment Grade Bond
Courtiers Total Return Balanced Risk
Courtiers Total Return Cautious Risk
Courtiers Total Return Growth
Courtiers UK Equity Income
CQS Global Sustainable Convertible UCITS
Credo Dynamic
Credo Global Equity
Credo Growth
Crystal Amber Asset Management (Guernsey) Limited Crystal Amber Fund Limited
CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities Limited
Davy Defensive Equity Income
Davy Discovery Equity
Davy ESG Equity
Davy Global Equity Income
Davy Low Carbon Equity Fund
Denker Global Equity
Denker Global Financial
Devon Equity Management European Opportunities Trust PLC
Dimensional Emerging Markets Core Equity
Dimensional Global Short Dated Bond
Dimensional International Core Equity
Dimensional International Value
Dimensional UK Core Equity
Dimensional UK Small Companies
Dimensional UK Value
Discretionary Unit Fd Mgrs Ltd Rights & Issues Investment Trust
DMS Stirling House Balanced
DMS Stirling House Dynamic
DMS Stirling House Growth
DMS Stirling House Monthly Income
Dodge & Cox Global Bond Fund
Dodge & Cox Global Stock
Dodge & Cox US Stock
Dodge and Cox Emerging Markets Stock
Downing Downing Strategic Micro-Cap Investment Trust Plc Red
Downing Renewables & Infrastructure Trust VCT Plc
Dunedin LLP Dunedin Enterprise IT plc
Ecofin U.S. Renewables Infrastructure Trust Plc
Ecofin Advisors Limited Ecofin Global Utilities and Infrastructure Trust Plc
EdenTree Responsible & Sustainable Managed Income
EdenTree Responsible and Sustainable European Equity
EdenTree Responsible and Sustainable Global Equity
EdenTree Responsible And Sustainable Multi-Asset Balanced
EdenTree Responsible And Sustainable Multi-Asset Cautious
EdenTree Responsible And Sustainable Multi-Asset Growth
EdenTree Responsible and Sustainable Short Dated Bond
EdenTree Responsible and Sustainable Sterling Bond
EdenTree Responsible and Sustainable UK Equity
EdenTree Responsible and Sustainable UK Equity Opportunities
Edinburgh Partners EP Global Opportunities Trust PLC
EF 8AM Balanced
EF 8AM Cautious
EF 8AM Focussed
EF 8AM Growth
EF 8AM Tactical Growth Portfolio
EF Brompton Global Balanced
EF Brompton Global Conservative
EF Brompton Global Equity
EF Brompton Global Growth
EF Brompton Global Income
EF Brompton Global Opportunities
EF Brunswick Diversified Portfolio
EF Brunswick Growth Portfolio
EF New Horizon Balanced Income & Growth
EF New Horizon Cautious
EF New Horizon Income
EF Tellsons Endeavour
EF WM Global Corporate Autonomies
EF WM Global Trend
EJF Investments Manager LLC EJF Investments LTD
Electra Partners Electra Private Equity plc
Elite Balanced
Elite EF Rosevine Capital Global Equity
Elite Verus Sustainable Balanced
Epicure Managers Qatar Gulf Investment Fund Plc
ES AllianceBernstein Concentrated Global Equity
ES AllianceBernstein Concentrated US Equity
ES AllianceBernstein Europe (ex UK) Equity
ES AllianceBernstein Low Volatility Global Equity
ES AllianceBernstein Sustainable US Equity
ES Baker Steel Gold & Precious Metals
ES Investec Wealth & Investment Balanced Fund
ES Investec Wealth & Investment Cautious Fund
ES Investec Wealth & Investment Growth Fund
ES Investec Wealth & Investment Income Fund
ES Share Centre Multi Manager Growth
ES Share Centre Multi Manager Growth and Income
ES Share Centre Multi Manger Income
ES R&M Dynamic Asset Allocation
ES R&M Global High Alpha
ES R&M Global Recovery
ES R&M UK Dynamic Equity
ES R&M UK Equity High Alpha
ES R&M UK Equity Income
ES R&M UK Equity Smaller Companies
ES R&M UK Recovery
Eurizon SLJ Bond Aggregate RMB (Renminbi)
Eurizon SLJ Local Emerging Markets Debt
EV Int (Ire) Emerging Markets Debt Opportunities
EV Int (Ire) Emerging Markets Local Income
EV Int (Ire) Global High Yield Bond
EV Int (Ire) Parametric Emerging Markets
EV Int (Ire) US High Yield Bond
EV Int (Ire) US Value
Family Asset
Family Balanced International
Family Charities Ethical
Family Child Trust
Federated Hermes Asia ex Japan Equity
Federated Hermes Global Emerging Markets
Federated Hermes Global Emerging Markets SMID Equity
Federated Hermes Global Equity
Federated Hermes Global Equity ESG
Federated Hermes Global High Yield Credit
Federated Hermes Global Small Cap Equity
Federated Hermes Impact Opportunities Equity
Federated Hermes Multi Strategy Credit
Federated Hermes SDG Engagement Equity
Federated Hermes SDG Engagement High Yield Credit
Federated Hermes Sustainable Europe ex-UK Equity
Federated Hermes Sustainable European Equity
Federated Hermes Sustainable Global Equity
Federated Hermes Unconstrained Credit
Federated Hermes US High Yield Credit
Federated Hermes US SMID Equity
FF China High Yield
FF Emerging Markets Focus
FF Sustainable Water & Waste
Fidante Whitehelm Capital Low Carbon Core Infrastructure
Fidelity Allocator World
Fidelity American
Fidelity American Special Situations
Fidelity Asia
Fidelity Asia Pacific Opportunities
Fidelity Asian Dividend
Fidelity Asian Smaller Companies
Fidelity Asian Special Situations
Fidelity Cash
Fidelity China Consumer
Fidelity China Focus
Fidelity China Innovation
Fidelity Emerging Asia
Fidelity Emerging Europe Middle East and Africa
Fidelity Emerging Market Debt
Fidelity Emerging Markets
Fidelity Enhanced Income
Fidelity European
Fidelity European Dynamic Growth
Fidelity European Growth
Fidelity European Smaller Companies
Fidelity Extra Income
Fidelity Global Dividend
Fidelity Global Enhanced Income
Fidelity Global Financial Services
Fidelity Global Focus
Fidelity Global Focus
Fidelity Global Health Care
Fidelity Global High Yield
Fidelity Global Industrials
Fidelity Global Inflation Linked Bond
Fidelity Global Property
Fidelity Global Special Situations
Fidelity Global Technology
Fidelity Global Thematic Opportunities
Fidelity Greater China
Fidelity Index Emerging Markets
Fidelity Index Europe ex UK
Fidelity Index Japan
Fidelity Index Pacific ex Japan
Fidelity Index Sterling Corporate Bond
Fidelity Index UK
Fidelity Index UK Gilt
Fidelity Index US
Fidelity Index World
Fidelity India Focus
Fidelity Institutional America
Fidelity Institutional Global Focus
Fidelity Institutional Japan
Fidelity Institutional Long Dated Sterling Corporate Bond
Fidelity Institutional South East Asia
Fidelity Institutional Sterling Corporate Bond
Fidelity Institutional UK
Fidelity Japan
Fidelity Japan Smaller Companies
Fidelity Moneybuilder Balanced
Fidelity Moneybuilder Dividend
Fidelity Moneybuilder Income
Fidelity Multi Asset Allocator Adventurous
Fidelity Multi Asset Allocator Defensive
Fidelity Multi Asset Allocator Growth
Fidelity Multi Asset Allocator Strategic
Fidelity Multi Asset Balanced Income
Fidelity Multi Asset Income
Fidelity Multi Asset Income & Growth
Fidelity Multi Asset Open Adventurous
Fidelity Multi Asset Open Defensive
Fidelity Multi Asset Open Growth
Fidelity Multi Asset Open Strategic
Fidelity Open World
Fidelity Pre-Retirement Bond
Fidelity Short Dated Corporate Bond
Fidelity Special Situations
Fidelity Strategic Bond
Fidelity Sustainable Asia Equity
Fidelity Sustainable Asia Equity
Fidelity Sustainable Consumer Brands
Fidelity Sustainable European Equity
Fidelity Sustainable Multi Asset Balanced
Fidelity Sustainable Multi Asset Conservative
Fidelity Sustainable Multi Asset Growth
Fidelity Sustainable US Equity
Fidelity Sustainable Water & Waste
Fidelity UK Opportunities
Fidelity UK Select
Fidelity UK Smaller Companies
Fidelity (FIL Invt Intl) Fidelity Asian Values PLC
Fidelity (FIL Invt Intl) Fidelity China Special Situations Plc
Fidelity (FIL Invt Intl) Fidelity Emerging Markets Limited PTG
Fidelity (FIL Invt Intl) Fidelity European Trust PLC
Fidelity (FIL Invt Intl) Fidelity Japan Trust PLC
Fidelity (FIL Invt Intl) Fidelity Special Values PLC
Fiera Capital Europe Emerging Markets Fund
Fiera Capital Europe Fiera Capital Global Equity
Fiera Capital Europe Fiera Capital US Equity
Fiera Capital Europe Magna Emerging Markets Dividend
First Sentier Asian Property Securities
First Sentier Global Listed Infrastructure
First Sentier Global Property Securities
First Sentier Investments IT Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies
Fiske plc The Investment Company PLC
Foresight Group Foresight Solar Limited
FP Carmignac Emerging Discovery
FP Carmignac Emerging Markets
FP Carmignac Emerging Patrimoine
FP Carmignac European Leaders
FP Carmignac Global Equity Compounders
FP Carmignac Patrimoine
FP Carmignac Unconstrained Global Bond
FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure
FP Foresight Sustainable Real Estate Securities
FP Foresight UK Infrastructure Income
FP Mattioli Woods Adventurous
FP Mattioli Woods Balanced
FP Mattioli Woods Cautious
FP Mattioli Woods Growth
FP Octopus Dynamic Mixed Asset
FP Octopus Fixed Income
FP Octopus Global Growth
FP Octopus Global Strategies
FP Octopus International Equity
FP Octopus UK Equity
FP Octopus UK Micro Cap Growth
FP Octopus UK Multi Cap Income
FP Pictet Multi Asset Portfolio
FP Rayliant Quantamental Emerging Markets Equity
FP Volare Balanced
FP Volare Cautious
FP Volare Growth
FP Volare Strategic Income
FP WHEB Sustainability
FP Russell Investments International Growth Assets
FP Russell Investments Multi Asset Growth I
FP Russell Investments Multi Asset Growth II
FP Russell Investments Multi Asset Growth III
FP Russell Investments Multi Asset Growth IV
FP Russell Investments Multi Asset Growth V
FP Russell Investments Multi Asset Income
FP Russell Investments UK Growth Assets
Franklin India
Franklin MV European Equity Growth and Income
Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust Plc
Frostrow Capital LLP Augmentum Fintech PLC
Frostrow Capital LLP Finsbury Growth & Income Trust PLC
Frostrow Capital LLP Pacific Assets Trust plc
Frostrow Capital LLP The Biotech Growth Trust PLC
Frostrow Capital LLP Worldwide Healthcare Trust PLC
FSSA All China
FSSA Asia All Cap
FSSA Asia Focus
FSSA Global Emerging Markets Focus
FSSA Greater China Growth
FSSA Indian Subcontinent All-Cap
FSSA Japan Focus
FTF Brandywine Global Income Optimiser
FTF ClearBridge Global Equity Income
FTF ClearBridge Global Infrastructure Income
FTF ClearBridge US Equity Income
FTF ClearBridge US Value
FTF Martin Currie Asia Unconstrained
FTF Martin Currie Emerging Markets
FTF Martin Currie European Unconstrained
FTF Martin Currie Global Unconstrained
FTF Martin Currie Japan Equity
FTF Martin Currie US Unconstrained
FTF Royce US Smaller Companies
FTF Western Asset Global Multi Strategy Bond
FTF Western Asset Retirement Income Bond
FTF Franklin Sterling Corporate Bond
FTF Franklin Systematic UK Equity
FTF Franklin UK Equity Income
FTF Franklin UK Gilt
FTF Franklin UK Managers Focus
FTF Franklin UK Mid Cap
FTF Franklin UK Opportunities
FTF Franklin UK Rising Dividends
FTF Franklin UK Smaller Companies
FTF Franklin US Opportunities
FTF Templeton Global Emerging Markets
FTF Templeton Global Leaders
FTF Templeton Global Total Return Bond
Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust PLC ORD
Fundsmith Equity
Fundsmith Smithson Investment Trust
Fundsmith Sustainable Equity
GAM Global Diversified
GAM Multibond ABS
GAM Multibond Emerging Bond
GAM Multibond Emerging Markets Opportunities Bond
GAM Multibond Local Emerging Bond
GAM Multibond Total Return Bond
GAM Multistock Asia Focus Equity
GAM Multistock China Evolution Equity
GAM Multistock Emerging Markets Equity
GAM Multistock Health Innovation Equity
GAM Multistock Japan Equity
GAM Multistock Luxury Brands Equity
GAM North American Growth
GAM Star Asian Equity
GAM Star Capital Appreciation US Equity
GAM Star Cat Bond
GAM Star China Equity
GAM Star Composite Global Equity
GAM Star Continental European Equity
GAM Star Credit Opportunities EUR
GAM Star Credit Opportunities GBP
GAM Star Credit Opportunities USD
GAM Star Disruptive Growth
GAM Star European Equity
GAM Star Japan Leaders
GAM Star MBS Total Return
GAM Star US All Cap Equity
GAM Star Worldwide Equity
GAM Sustainable Emerging Equity
GAM UK Equity Income
Garraway VT Garraway UK Equity Market
GLG Asia (ex-Japan) Equity
Gore Street Capital Gore Street Energy Storage Plc
GQG Global Equity
GQG Partners Emerging Markets Equity
GQG Partners U.S. Equity
Granahan US SMID Select
Gravis Capital Management GCP Infrastructure Investments Ld
Greencoat Capital LLP Greencoat Renewables PLC
Greencoat Capital LLP Greencoat UK Wind PLC
Gresham House Asset Management Gresham House Energy Storage Fund PLC Ord 1p
Gresham House Asset Management Strategic Equity Capital plc
GS All China Equity Portfolio
GS Asia Equity Portfolio
GS Emerging Markets CORE Equity Portfolio
GS Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Portfolio
GS Emerging Markets Debt Blend Portfolio
GS Emerging Markets Debt Local Portfolio
GS Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio
GS Emerging Markets Equity Portfolio
GS ESG-Enhanced Europe High Yield Bond Portfolio
GS ESG-Enhanced Global Multi-Asset Balanced Portfolio
GS ESG-Enhanced Sterling Credit Portfolio
GS Europe CORE Equity Portfolio
GS Global CORE Equity Portfolio
GS Global Credit Portfolio (Hedged)
GS Global Dynamic Bond Plus Portfolio
GS Global Equity Income Portfolio
GS Global Equity Partners ESG Portfolio
GS Global Equity Partners Portfolio
GS Global Fixed Income Plus Portfolio (Hedged)
GS Global Fixed Income Portfolio
GS Global Fixed Income Portfolio (Hedged)
GS Global High Yield Portfolio
GS Global Millennials Equity Portfolio
GS Global Multi Asset Conservative Portfolio
GS Global Multi Asset Income Portfolio
GS Global Multi-Asset Growth Portfolio
GS Global Small Cap Core Equity Portfolio
GS Global Strategic Macro Bond Portfolio
GS Japan Equity Partners Portfolio
GS Japan Equity Portfolio
GS Short Duration Opportunistic Corporate Bond Portfolio
GS US Core Equity Portfolio
GS US Equity ESG Portfolio
GS US Fixed Income Portfolio
GS US Focused Growth Equity Portfolio
GS US Mortgage Backed Securities Portfolio
GS US Small Cap CORE Equity Portfolio
Guinness Asian Equity Income
Guinness Best of Asia
Guinness Best of China
Guinness Emerging Markets Equity Income
Guinness European Equity Income
Guinness Global Energy
Guinness Global Equity Income
Guinness Global Innovators
Guinness Global Money Managers
Guinness Sustainable Energy
Guinness Sustainable Global Equity
Guinness TB Guinness Asian Equity Income
GVQ Opportunities
GVQ UK Focus
Halifax Cautious Managed
Halifax Corporate Bond
Halifax Ethical
Halifax European
Halifax Far Eastern
Halifax Fund of Investment Trusts
Halifax International Growth
Halifax Japanese
Halifax North American
Halifax Smaller Companies
Halifax Special Situations
Halifax UK Equity Income
Halifax UK FTSE 100 Index Tracking
Halifax UK FTSE All Share Index Tracking
Halifax UK Growth
Handelsbanken Adventurous
HarbourVest Advisers LP HarbourVest Global Private Equity
Harwood Capital North Atlantic Smaller Companies IT Trust PLC
Harwood Capital Oryx International Growth Ltd
Harwood Capital Rockwood Realisation Plc
Herald Worldwide Technology
Herald Investment Mgmt Ltd Herald Investment Trust plc
HgCapital HgCapital Trust plc
HL Multi Manager Balanced Managed
HL Multi Manager Equity & Bond
HL Multi Manager Income & Growth
HL Multi Manager Special Situations
HL Multi Manager Strategic Bond
HL Multi Manager UK Growth
HL Multi-Manager Asia and Emerging Markets
HL Multi-Manager European
HL Multi-Manager High Income
HL Multi-Manager Strategic Assets
HL Select Global Growth
HL Select UK Growth
HL Select UK Income Shares
HSBC American Index
HSBC Balanced
HSBC Corporate Bond
HSBC Developed World Sustainable Equity Index
HSBC European Index
HSBC FTSE 100 Index
HSBC FTSE 250 Index
HSBC FTSE All Share Index
HSBC FTSE All World Index
HSBC GIF Chinese Equity
HSBC GIF Euroland Value
HSBC GIF Global Emerging Markets Equity
HSBC GIF Global Emerging Markets Local Debt
HSBC GIF Indian Equity
HSBC Global Equity Income
HSBC Global Property
HSBC Income
HSBC Japan Index
HSBC Japan Multi-Factor Equity
HSBC Pacific Index
HSBC Sterling Corporate Bond Index
HSBC UK Gilt Index
HSBC UK Growth & Income
HSBC UK Multi-Factor Equity
HSBC US Multi-Factor Equity
HSBC World Selection Dividend Distribution Portfolio
Huntress IFSL Ravenscroft Balanced
Huntress IFSL Ravenscroft Global Blue Chip
IFSL AMR Diversified Portfolio
IFSL Avellemy 3
IFSL Avellemy 4
IFSL Avellemy 5
IFSL Avellemy 6
IFSL Avellemy 7
IFSL Avellemy 8
IFSL Avellemy European Equity
IFSL Avellemy UK Equity
IFSL Avellemy UK Equity Income
IFSL Avellemy US Equity
IFSL Bowland
IFSL CAF Alternative Strategies
IFSL CAF Fixed Interest
IFSL CAF International Equity
IFSL Equilibrium Global Equity Portfolio
IFSL Hathaway
IFSL Marlborough Balanced
IFSL Marlborough Bond Income
IFSL Marlborough Cautious
IFSL Marlborough Conservative
IFSL Marlborough Emerging Markets Trust
IFSL Marlborough European Special Situations
IFSL Marlborough Extra Income
IFSL Marlborough Far East Growth
IFSL Marlborough Global
IFSL Marlborough Global Bond
IFSL Marlborough Global Innovation
IFSL Marlborough High Yield Fixed Interest
IFSL Marlborough Multi Cap Income
IFSL Marlborough Multi-Cap Growth
IFSL Marlborough Nano-Cap Growth
IFSL Marlborough Special Situations
IFSL Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth
IFSL Marlborough US Multi-Cap Income
IFSL Mazarin Adventurous
IFSL Mazarin Balanced
IFSL Mazarin Cautious
IFSL RC Brown UK Primary Opportunities
IFSL Sanlam Balanced
IFSL Sanlam Cautious
IFSL Sanlam Conservative
IFSL Sanlam Defensive
IFSL Sanlam Growth
IFSL Signia Balanced
IFSL Signia Conservative
IFSL Signia Growth
IFSL SIM Junior Gold & Silver Miners
IFSL Trade Union Unit Trust
IFSL YOU Multi Asset Blend Balanced
IFSL YOU Multi Asset Blend Growth
IFSL James Hambro Barnham Broom
IFSL James Hambro Master
IFSL James Hambro Penrhos
IFSL James Hambro Rires
Impax Global Equity Opportunities
Independent Investment Trust Independent Investment Trust
Independently Managed Vietnam Holding Limited
InfraRed Capital Partners HICL Infrastructure PLC
InfraRed Capital Partners The Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited Ord
Ingot Capital Mgmt Pty Limited UIL Limited
Ingot Capital Mgmt Pty Limited Utilico Emerging Markets
Insight ILF GBP Liquidity
Insight UK Government All Maturity Bond
Insight UK Index Linked Bond
Intermediate Capital Group ICG Enterprise Trust Plc
Invesco Asia Consumer Demand
Invesco Asian (UK)
Invesco Asian Equity Income (UK)
Invesco Belt and Road Debt
Invesco Bond Income Plus Limited
Invesco China Equity (UK)
Invesco Corporate Bond (UK)
Invesco Developing Markets Equity
Invesco Distribution (UK)
Invesco Emerging European (UK)
Invesco Emerging Markets Bond
Invesco Emerging Markets Local Debt
Invesco European Equity (UK)
Invesco European Equity Income (UK)
Invesco European Focus (UK)
Invesco European High Income (UK)
Invesco European Smaller Companies (UK)
Invesco Global Balanced Index (UK)
Invesco Global Bond (UK)
Invesco Global Consumer Trends
Invesco Global Emerging Markets (UK)
Invesco Global Emerging Markets Bond (UK)
Invesco Global Equity (UK)
Invesco Global Equity Income (UK)
Invesco Global Equity Income Share Portfolio
Invesco Global Ex UK Core Equity Index (UK)
Invesco Global Ex UK Enhanced Index (UK)
Invesco Global Financial Capital (UK)
Invesco Global Focus (UK)
Invesco Global Health Care Innovation
Invesco Global Income (UK)
Invesco Global Investment Grade Corporate Bond
Invesco Global Smaller Companies (UK)
Invesco Global Targeted Income (UK)
Invesco Global Targeted Returns (UK)
Invesco High Yield (UK)
Invesco Income & Growth (UK)
Invesco India Equity
Invesco Invesco Perpetual Select Trust Plc Balanced Risk Alloc Shs
Invesco Japanese Equity Advantage
Invesco Japanese Smaller Companies (UK)
Invesco Latin American (UK)
Invesco Managed Growth (UK)
Invesco Managed Income (UK)
Invesco Monthly Income Plus (UK)
Invesco Pacific (UK)
Invesco PRC Equity
Invesco Responsible Emerging Markets Innovators Equity
Invesco Responsible Japanese Equity Value Discovery (UK)
Invesco Sterling Bond
Invesco Tactical Bond (UK)
Invesco UK Companies (UK)
Invesco UK Enhanced Index (UK)
Invesco UK Equity High Income (UK)
Invesco UK Equity Income (UK)
Invesco UK Equity Share Portfolio
Invesco UK Opportunities (UK)
Invesco UK Smaller Companies Equity (UK)
Invesco US Equity (UK)
Invesco Asset Management Invesco Asia Trust plc
Invesco Asset Management Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller Companies plc
iShares 100 UK Equity Index (UK)
iShares Continental European Equity Index (UK)
iShares Corporate Bond Index (UK)
iShares Emerging Markets Equity Index (UK)
iShares Global Property Securities Equity Index (UK)
iShares Index Linked Gilt Index (UK)
iShares Japan Equity Index (UK)
iShares Mid Cap UK Equity Index (UK)
iShares North American Equity Index (UK)
iShares Over 15 Years Gilts Index (UK)
iShares Overseas Corporate Bond Index (UK)
iShares Overseas Government Bond Index (UK)
iShares Pacific ex Japan Equity Index (UK)
iShares UK Equity Index (UK)
iShares UK Gilts All Stocks Index (UK)
iShares US Equity Index (UK)
J Stern & Co J.Stern & Co World Stars Global Equity
J.P. Morgan Asset Mgt/Bear Stearns Asset Mgt JPEL Private Equity Ltd
Janus Henderson Absolute Return
Janus Henderson Absolute Return Fixed Income
Janus Henderson All Stocks Credit
Janus Henderson Asia Pacific Capital Growth
Janus Henderson Asian Dividend Income Unit Trust
Janus Henderson Cautious Managed
Janus Henderson China Opportunities
Janus Henderson Diversified Alternatives
Janus Henderson Emerging Markets Opportunities
Janus Henderson European Absolute Return
Janus Henderson European Focus
Janus Henderson European Growth
Janus Henderson European Selected Opportunities
Janus Henderson European Smaller Companies
Janus Henderson Fixed Interest Monthly Income
Janus Henderson Flexible Income
Janus Henderson Global Equity
Janus Henderson Global Equity Income
Janus Henderson Global Financials
Janus Henderson Global High Yield Bond
Janus Henderson Global Responsible Managed
Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity
Janus Henderson Global Technology Leaders
Janus Henderson Henderson Diversified Income Trust Plc
Janus Henderson Henderson Euro Trust PLC
Janus Henderson Henderson European Focus Trust
Janus Henderson Henderson Far East Income Ltd
Janus Henderson Henderson High Income Trust
Janus Henderson Henderson International Income Trust plc
Janus Henderson Henderson Opportunities Trust PLC
Janus Henderson Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC
Janus Henderson High Yield
Janus Henderson Horizon China Opportunities
Janus Henderson Horizon Euro Corporate Bond
Janus Henderson Horizon Japanese Smaller Companies
Janus Henderson Index-Linked Bond
Janus Henderson Japan Opportunities
Janus Henderson Latin American
Janus Henderson Lowland Investment Company
Janus Henderson Multi Asset Credit
Janus Henderson Multi-Asset Absolute Return
Janus Henderson Multi-Manager Active
Janus Henderson Multi-Manager Distribution
Janus Henderson Multi-Manager Diversified
Janus Henderson Multi-Manager Global Select
Janus Henderson Multi-Manager Income & Growth
Janus Henderson Multi-Manager Managed
Janus Henderson Secured Loans
Janus Henderson Sterling Bond Unit Trust
Janus Henderson Strategic Bond
Janus Henderson The Bankers Investment Trust
Janus Henderson The City of London Investment Trust
Janus Henderson TR European Growth Trust PLC
Janus Henderson UK Alpha
Janus Henderson UK Equity Income & Growth
Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF
Janus Henderson UK Responsible Income
Janus Henderson UK Smaller Companies
Janus Henderson US Contrarian
Janus Henderson US Forty
Janus Henderson US Growth
Janus Henderson US Short-Term Bond
Janus Henderson US Small-Mid Cap Value
Janus Henderson Inst Asia Pacific ex-Japan Index Opportunities
Janus Henderson Inst European Index Opportunities
Janus Henderson Inst Global (50/50) Index Opportunities
Janus Henderson Inst High Alpha UK Equity
Janus Henderson Inst Institutional High Alpha Gilt
Janus Henderson Inst Japan Index Opportunities
Janus Henderson Inst Long Dated Credit
Janus Henderson Inst Long Dated Gilt
Janus Henderson Inst Mainstream UK Equity Trust
Janus Henderson Inst North American Index Opportunities
Janus Henderson Inst Overseas Bond
Janus Henderson Inst UK Equity Tracker Trust
Janus Henderson Inst UK Gilt
Janus Henderson Inst UK Index Opportunities Trust
JGF-Jupiter Asia Pacific Income
JGF-Jupiter China Equity
JGF-Jupiter Emerging Market Debt
JGF-Jupiter Emerging Market Debt Income
JGF-Jupiter Europe (Ex UK) Smaller Companies
JGF-Jupiter European Growth
JGF-Jupiter Financial Innovation
JGF-Jupiter Financials Contingent Capital
JGF-Jupiter Global Ecology Growth
JGF-Jupiter Global Emerging Markets Focus
JGF-Jupiter Global Value
JGF-Jupiter India Select
JGF-Jupiter Japan Select
JGF-Jupiter Merian Asian Equity Income
JGF-Jupiter Merian Global Equity Income (IRL)
JGF-Jupiter Merian US Equity Income
JGF-Jupiter Merian World Equity
JGF-Jupiter Pacific Equity
JOHCM Asia ex Japan
JOHCM Asia ex Japan Small and Mid Cap
JOHCM Continental European
JOHCM European Concentrated Value
JOHCM European Select Value
JOHCM Global Emerging Markets Opportunities
JOHCM Global Income Builder
JOHCM Global Opportunities
JOHCM Global Opportunities
JOHCM Global Select
JOHCM Regnan Global Equity Impact Solutions
JOHCM UK Dynamic
JOHCM UK Equity Income
JOHCM UK Opportunities
John Laing Capital Management JLEN Environmental Assets Group Limited Ord NPV
JPM America Equity
JPM Asia Growth
JPM Asia Pacific Equity Fund
JPM Climate Change Solutions
JPM Diversified Growth
JPM Emerging Europe Equity
JPM Emerging Markets
JPM Emerging Markets Debt
JPM Emerging Markets Income
JPM Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt
JPM Emerging Markets Opportunities
JPM Emerging Markets Small Cap
JPM Emerging Markets Sustainable Equity
JPM Europe (ex-UK) Research Enhanced Index Equity
JPM Europe (ex-UK) Sustainable Equity
JPM Europe Dynamic Ex UK
JPM Europe Dynamic Small Cap
JPM Europe Equity Plus
JPM Europe Small Cap
JPM Europe Smaller Companies
JPM Europe Strategic Growth
JPM Europe Strategic Value
JPM Global Bond Opportunities
JPM Global Convertibles EUR
JPM Global Corporate Bond
JPM Global Corporate Bond
JPM Global Equity
JPM Global Equity Income
JPM Global Ex UK Bond
JPM Global Focus
JPM Global High Yield Bond
JPM Global Macro
JPM Global Macro Opportunities
JPM Global Research Enhanced Index Equity
JPM Global Sustainable Equity
JPM Global Unconstrained Equity
JPM Greater China
JPM India
JPM Japan
JPM Japan Select Equity
JPM JPE Managed Growth SHS 0.00408472P
JPM JPMorgan American IT plc
JPM JPMorgan Asia Growth & Income Plc
JPM JPMorgan China Growth & Income plc
JPM JPMorgan Claverhouse IT plc
JPM JPMorgan Elect Managed Income Shs 0.001P
JPM JPMorgan Emerging Markets IT plc
JPM JPMorgan European Discovery Trust Plc
JPM JPMorgan European Investment Trust Plc Gwth Shs
JPM JPMorgan European IT Plc Income Shs
JPM JPMorgan Global Emerging Markets Income Trust plc
JPM JPMorgan Global Growth & Income plc
JPM JPMorgan Indian IT plc
JPM JPMorgan Japan Small Cap Growth & Income Plc
JPM JPMorgan Japanese IT plc
JPM JPMorgan Mid Cap IT plc
JPM JPMorgan Multi-Asset Growth & Income Plc
JPM JPMorgan Russian Securities plc
JPM JPMorgan UK Smaller Companies Investment Trust plc
JPM JPMorgan US Smaller Companies IT PLC Ord 2.5P
JPM Latin America Equity
JPM Multi Asset Income
JPM Multi Manager Growth
JPM Multi-Asset Cautious
JPM Multi-Asset Growth
JPM Multi-Asset Moderate
JPM Natural Resources
JPM Pacific Equity
JPM Sterling Corporate Bond
JPM The Mercantile Investment Trust (THE) Plc
JPM UK Dynamic
JPM UK Equity Core
JPM UK Equity Growth
JPM UK Equity Income
JPM UK Equity Index
JPM UK Equity Plus
JPM UK Equity Value
JPM UK Government Bond
JPM UK Smaller Companies
JPM UK Sustainable Equity
JPM Unconstrained Bond
JPM US Equity Income
JPM US Research Enhanced Index Equity
JPM US Select
JPM US Select Equity Plus
JPM US Small Cap Growth
JPMorgan Global Core Real Assets LI
Jul Baer Multicooperation SICAV GAM Commodity
Jupiter Asian
Jupiter Asian Income
Jupiter China
Jupiter Corporate Bond
Jupiter Ecology
Jupiter Emerging European Opportunities
Jupiter European
Jupiter European Income
Jupiter European Smaller Companies
Jupiter European Special Situations
Jupiter Financial Opportunities
Jupiter Flexible Macro
Jupiter Fund of Investment Trusts
Jupiter Global Emerging Markets
Jupiter Global Equity Income
Jupiter Global Financial Innovation
Jupiter Global Managed
Jupiter Global Sustainable Equities
Jupiter Global Value Equity
Jupiter Growth & Income
Jupiter Income Trust
Jupiter India
Jupiter Investment Grade Bond
Jupiter Japan Income
Jupiter Merian Asia Pacific
Jupiter Merian European Equity (ex UK)
Jupiter Merian Global Equity
Jupiter Merian Global Strategic Bond
Jupiter Merian North American Equity
Jupiter Merlin Balanced Portfolio
Jupiter Merlin Conservative Portfolio
Jupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio
Jupiter Merlin Income Portfolio
Jupiter Merlin Real Return
Jupiter Merlin Worldwide Portfolio
Jupiter Monthly Alternative Income
Jupiter Monthly Income Bond
Jupiter Multi-Asset Income
Jupiter Multi-Asset Income and Growth
Jupiter North American Income
Jupiter Responsible Income
Jupiter Strategic Bond
Jupiter UK Alpha
Jupiter UK Dynamic Equity
Jupiter UK Growth
Jupiter UK Mid Cap
Jupiter UK Opportunities
Jupiter UK Smaller Companies
Jupiter UK Smaller Companies Equity
Jupiter UK Smaller Companies Focus
Jupiter UK Special Situations
Jupiter Asset Management Ltd Brown Advisory US Smaller Companies PLC Ord 25P
Jupiter Asset Management Ltd Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income Trust PLC
JZ Capital Partners Limited JZ Capital Partners LTD
Kempen (Lux) Global High Dividend
Kempen (Lux) Global Small-cap
Kennox Asset Management Ltd Kennox Strategic Value
L&G (N) Tracker Trust
L&G All Stocks Gilt Index Trust
L&G All Stocks Index Linked Gilt Index Trust
L&G Asian Income Trust
L&G Cash Trust
L&G Distribution Trust
L&G Dynamic Bond
L&G Emerging Markets Government Bond (US$) Index
L&G Emerging Markets Government Bond Local Currency Index
L&G European Equity Income
L&G European Index Trust
L&G European Trust
L&G Fixed Interest Trust
L&G Future World Climate Change Equity Factors Index
L&G Future World ESG Developed Index
L&G Future World ESG UK Index
L&G Future World Sustainable Opportunities
L&G Global 100 Index Trust
L&G Global Developed Four Factor Index
L&G Global Emerging Markets Index
L&G Global Equity Index
L&G Global Health & Pharmaceuticals Index Trust
L&G Global Inflation Linked Bond Index
L&G Global Infrastructure Index
L&G Global Real Estate Dividend Index
L&G Global Robotics and Automation Index
L&G Global Technology Index Trust
L&G Global Thematic
L&G Growth Trust
L&G High Income Trust
L&G International Index Trust
L&G Japan Index Trust
L&G Managed Monthly Income Trust
L&G Mixed Investment 0-20%
L&G Mixed Investment 0-35%
L&G Mixed Investment 20-60%
L&G Mixed Investment 40-85%
L&G Mixed Investment Income 0-35%
L&G Mixed Investment Income 20-60%
L&G MSCI World Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index
L&G Multi Manager Balanced Trust
L&G Multi Manager Growth Trust
L&G Multi Manager Income Trust
L&G Multi-Asset Target Return
L&G Pacific Index Trust
L&G Real Capital Builder
L&G Short Dated Sterling Corporate Bond Index
L&G Sterling Corporate Bond Index
L&G Sterling Income
L&G UK 100 Index Trust
L&G UK 350 Index
L&G UK Equity Income
L&G UK Index Trust
L&G UK Mid Cap Index
L&G UK Property
L&G UK Select Equity
L&G UK Smaller Companies Trust
L&G UK Special Situations Trust
L&G US Index Trust
L&G Worldwide Trust
Law Debenture IT Law Debenture Corporation plc
Lazard Developing Markets
Lazard Developing Markets Equity
Lazard Diversified Return
Lazard Emerging Markets
Lazard Emerging Markets Bond
Lazard Emerging Markets Core Equity
Lazard Emerging Markets Debt Blend
Lazard Emerging Markets Debt Unrestricted Blend
Lazard Emerging Markets Equity
Lazard Emerging World
Lazard European Alpha
Lazard European Alternative
Lazard European Equity
Lazard European Smaller Companies
Lazard Global Equity Franchise
Lazard Global Equity Income
Lazard Global Listed Infrastructure Equity
Lazard Global Managed Volatility
Lazard Global Sustainable Equity
Lazard Global Sustainable Fixed Income
Lazard Global Thematic Equity
Lazard Japanese Strategic Equity
Lazard Managed Balanced
Lazard Managed Equity
Lazard Multicap UK Income
Lazard Pan European Small Cap
Lazard UK Omega
Lazard UK Smaller Companies
Lazard US Equity Concentrated
Legg Mason Brandywine Global Fixed Income
Legg Mason Brandywine Global Opportunistic Fixed Income
Legg Mason ClearBridge US Aggressive Growth
Legg Mason ClearBridge US Appreciation
Legg Mason ClearBridge US Equity Sustainability Leaders
Legg Mason ClearBridge US Large Cap Growth
Legg Mason Martin Currie Asia Long Term Unconstrained
Legg Mason Martin Currie Global Long Term Unconstrained
Legg Mason Royce US Small Cap Opportunity
Legg Mason Western Asset Asian Opportunities
Legg Mason Western Asset Emerging Markets Total Return Bond
Legg Mason Western Asset Global High Yield
Legg Mason Western Asset Macro Opportunities Bond
LF Adam Worldwide
LF Bentley Global Growth
LF Bentley Sterling Income
LF Bentley US Dollar Balanced
LF Blue Whale Growth
LF Cautela
LF Gresham House UK Micro Cap
LF Gresham House UK Multi Cap Income
LF Gresham House UK Smaller Companies
LF IM Bond
LF IM Global Strategy
LF IM UK Equity & Bond Income
LF IM UK Growth
LF Lightman European
LF Macquarie Global Infrastructure Securities
LF Morant Wright Japan
LF Morant Wright Nippon Yield
LF PE Managed
LF Purisima EAFE Total Return
LF Purisima Global Total Return PCG
LF Purisima UK Total Return
LF Resilient MM Balanced Managed
LF Stewart Ivory Invest Mkt
LF Waverton Absolute Return II
LF Waverton Charity Growth & Income
LF Waverton Portfolio
LF Brook Absolute Return
LF Brook Continental European
LF Canlife Asia Pacific
LF Canlife Corporate Bond
LF Canlife Diversified Monthly Income
LF Canlife European
LF Canlife Global Equity
LF Canlife Global Equity Income
LF Canlife Global High Yield Bond
LF Canlife Global Infrastructure
LF Canlife Global Macro Bond
LF Canlife Managed 0%-35%
LF Canlife Managed 20%-60%
LF Canlife Managed 40% 85%
LF Canlife North American
LF Canlife Portfolio III
LF Canlife Portfolio IV
LF Canlife Portfolio V
LF Canlife Portfolio VI
LF Canlife Portfolio VII
LF Canlife Short Duration Corporate Bond
LF Canlife UK Equity
LF Canlife UK Equity and Bond Income
LF Canlife UK Equity Income
LF Canlife UK Government Bond
LF Canlife UK Property ACS
LF Havelock Global Select
LF KB Newgate
LF Majedie Global Equity
LF Majedie Global Focus
LF Majedie Tortoise
LF Majedie UK Equity
LF Majedie UK Focus
LF Majedie UK Income
LF Montanaro Better World
LF Montanaro European Income
LF Montanaro Global Select
LF Montanaro Montanaro European Smaller Companies Trust PLC
LF Montanaro Montanaro UK Smaller Companies IT Trust PLC
LF Montanaro UK Income
LF Odey Opus
LF Odey Portfolio
LF Ruffer Absolute Return
LF Ruffer Equity & General
LF Ruffer Gold
LF Ruffer Japanese
LF Ruffer Total Return
Lindsell Train Global Equity
Lindsell Train Japanese Equity
Lindsell Train LF Lindsell Train UK Equity
Lindsell Train Lindsell Train IT plc
Liontrust Balanced
Liontrust China
Liontrust Emerging Markets
Liontrust European Growth
Liontrust GF High Yield Bond
Liontrust Global Alpha
Liontrust Global Dividend
Liontrust Global Innovation
Liontrust Global Smaller Companies
Liontrust Global Technology
Liontrust Income
Liontrust India
Liontrust Japan Equity
Liontrust Latin America
Liontrust Monthly Income Bond
Liontrust Russia
Liontrust Special Situations
Liontrust Strategic Bond
Liontrust Sustainable Future Cautious Managed
Liontrust Sustainable Future Corporate Bond
Liontrust Sustainable Future Defensive Managed
Liontrust Sustainable Future European Growth
Liontrust Sustainable Future Global Growth
Liontrust Sustainable Future Managed
Liontrust Sustainable Future Managed Growth
Liontrust Sustainable Future UK Growth
Liontrust UK Ethical
Liontrust UK Growth
Liontrust UK Micro Cap
Liontrust UK Smaller Companies
Liontrust US Opportunities
Liontrust MA Active Dynamic
Liontrust MA Active Growth
Liontrust MA Active Intermediate Income
Liontrust MA Active Moderate Income
Liontrust MA Active Progressive
Liontrust MA Diversified Real Assets
Liontrust MA Monthly High Income
Liontrust MA Strategic Bond
Liontrust MA UK Equity
Literacy Capital Literacy Capital Plc
LMS Capital plc LMS Capital plc
LO All Roads
LO Emerging High Conviction
LO Europe High Conviction
LO Golden Age
Lord Abbett Emerging Markets Corporate Debt
Lord Abbett Global High Yield
Lord Abbett Global Multi-Sector Bond
Lord Abbett High Yield
Lord Abbett Innovation Growth
Lord Abbett Multi Sector Income
Lord Abbett Short Duration Income
M&G (Lux) Emerging Markets Hard Currency Bond
M&G Absolute Return Bond
M&G Asian
M&G Better Health Solutions
M&G Charibond Charities Fixed Interest
M&G Charifund
M&G Charity Multi Asset
M&G Climate Solutions
M&G Corporate Bond
M&G Dividend
M&G Emerging Markets Bond
M&G Emerging Markets Monthly Income
M&G Episode Allocation
M&G Episode Growth
M&G Episode Income
M&G European Corporate Bond
M&G European Index Tracker
M&G European Sustain Paris Aligned
M&G Gilt & Fixed Interest Income
M&G Global Convertibles
M&G Global Dividend
M&G Global Emerging Markets
M&G Global Enhanced Equity Premia
M&G Global Floating Rate High Yield
M&G Global Government Bond
M&G Global High Yield Bond
M&G Global High Yield ESG Bond
M&G Global Listed Infrastructure
M&G Global Macro Bond
M&G Global Strategic Value
M&G Global Sustain Paris Aligned
M&G Global Target Return
M&G Global Themes
M&G Index Tracker
M&G Index-Linked Bond
M&G Japan
M&G Japan Smaller Companies
M&G Managed Growth
M&G North American Dividend
M&G North American Value
M&G Optimal Income
M&G Pan European Select Smaller Companies
M&G Positive Impact
M&G Property Portfolio
M&G Recovery
M&G Short Dated Corporate Bond
M&G Smaller Companies
M&G Strategic Corporate Bond
M&G Sustainable Multi Asset
M&G UK Income Distribution
M&G UK Inflation Linked Corporate Bond
M&G UK Select
M&G Alternatives Investment Management M&G Credit Income Investment Trust PLC
M&L Capital Management Ltd Manchester & London IT plc
Majedie Asset Management International Equity
Majedie Asset Management UK Equity
Majedie Asset Management US Equity
Majedie Edinburgh Investment Tst plc
Majedie Investments IT Majedie Investments PLC
Man Balanced Managed
Man Dynamic Allocation
Man Stockmarket Managed
Man GLG Absolute Value
Man GLG Continental European Growth
Man GLG European Alpha Income
Man GLG High Yield Opportunities
Man GLG Income
Man GLG Japan Core Alpha
Man GLG Strategic Bond
Man GLG Strategic Bond
Man GLG Undervalued Assets
Man GLG RI Global Sustainable Growth
Margetts BLENHEIM Diversified Alternatives
Margetts BLENHEIM Diversified Fixed Income
Margetts BLENHEIM Diversified Property
Margetts BLENHEIM Ethical Opportunities
Margetts BLENHEIM Overseas Equity
Margetts BLENHEIM UK Equity
Margetts International Strategy
Margetts MGTS Sentinel Enterprise
Margetts MGTS Sentinel Growth
Margetts MGTS Sentinel Income
Margetts MGTS Sentinel Universal
Margetts Opes Growth
Margetts Opes Income
Margetts Prima Adventurous
Margetts Prima Balanced
Margetts Prima Cautious
Margetts Providence Strategy
Margetts Select Strategy
Margetts Venture Strategy
Marks & Spencer High Income
Marks & Spencer UK 100 Companies
Marks & Spencer UK Select Portfolio
Marks & Spencer Worldwide Mgd
Martin Currie Investment Management Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust plc
Marwyn Marwyn Value Investors Ltd Ord
Matthews Asia Dividend
Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend
Matthews Asia Innovative Growth
Matthews Asia Small Companies
Matthews China
Matthews China Dividend
Matthews China Small Companies
Matthews India
Matthews Japan
Matthews Pacific Tiger
McInroy & Wood Balanced
McInroy & Wood Emerging Markets
McInroy & Wood Income
McInroy & Wood Smaller Companies
Merchant Capital Manager Limited CIP Merchant Capital
Merian European Equity
Merian UK Equity Income
Merian Global Investors (UK) Limited Chrysalis Investment Limited
MFS Meridian Asia ex-Japan
MFS Meridian Blended Research European Equity
MFS Meridian Continental European Equity
MFS Meridian Contrarian Value
MFS Meridian Diversified Income
MFS Meridian Emerging Markets Debt
MFS Meridian Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency
MFS Meridian Emerging Markets Equity
MFS Meridian Euro Credit
MFS Meridian European Core Equity
MFS Meridian European Research
MFS Meridian European Smaller Companies
MFS Meridian European Value
MFS Meridian Global Concentrated
MFS Meridian Global Credit
MFS Meridian Global Equity
MFS Meridian Global Equity Income
MFS Meridian Global High Yield
MFS Meridian Global Intrinsic Value
MFS Meridian Global Opportunistic Bond
MFS Meridian Global Research Focused
MFS Meridian Global Total Return
MFS Meridian Inflation-Adjusted Bond
MFS Meridian Japan Equity
MFS Meridian Latin American Equity
MFS Meridian Limited Maturity
MFS Meridian Prudent Capital
MFS Meridian U.S. Growth
MFS Meridian UK Equity
MFS Meridian US Concentrated Growth
MFS Meridian US Corporate Bond
MFS Meridian US Government Bond
MFS Meridian US Total Return Bond
MFS Meridian US Value
MGTS AFH DA European Equity
MGTS AFH DA North American Equity
MGTS AFH DA UK Multi-Cap Growth
MGTS AFH DA UK Smaller Companies
MGTS Clarion Explorer Portfolio
MGTS Clarion Meridian Portfolio
MGTS Clarion Navigator Portfolio
MGTS Clarion Prudence Portfolio
MGTS Future Money Dynamic Growth
MGTS Future Money Income
MGTS Future Money Real Growth
MGTS Future Money Real Value
MGTS St Johns High Income Property
MGTS St Johns Property Authorised Trust
MGTS Tempus Enterprise Portfolio
MGTS Tempus Growth Portfolio
MGTS Tempus Income Portfolio
MGTS Tempus Universal Portfolio
MGTS Wealth Solutions Adventurous
MGTS Wealth Solutions Balanced
MGTS Wealth Solutions Defensive
MI Brompton UK Recovery Unit Trust
MI Charles Stanley Equity
MI Charles Stanley Monthly High Income
MI Charles Stanley Multi Asset Adventurous
MI Charles Stanley Multi Asset Cautious
MI Charles Stanley Multi Asset Growth
MI Charles Stanley Multi Asset Moderate
MI Charles Stanley UK & International Growth
MI Chelverton European Select
MI Chelverton UK Equity Growth
MI Chelverton UK Equity Income
MI Diversified Strategy
MI Metropolis Value
MI MI Sterling Select Companies
MI Sonoma Partners Investment
MI Thornbridge Global Opportunities
MI Hawksmoor Distribution
MI Hawksmoor Global Opportunities
MI Hawksmoor Vanbrugh
MI Somerset Asia Income
MI Somerset Emerging Markets Discovery
MI Somerset Emerging Markets Dividend Growth
MI Somerset Global Emerging Markets
MI Somerset Global Emerging Markets Screened
Middlefield International Middlefield Canadian Income Trust
Mirabaud Convertible Bonds Europe
Mirabaud Discovery Europe
Mirabaud Discovery Europe Ex-UK
Mirabaud Equities Asia ex Japan
Mirabaud Equities Global Emerging Markets
Mirabaud Global Emerging Market Bond
Mirabaud Global High Yield Bonds
Mirabaud Global Strategic Bond
Mirabaud Sustainable Global Focus
Mirabaud Sustainable Global High Dividend
Mirabaud UK Equity High Alpha
Mobius Mobius Investment Trust Plc
Montanaro Better World
Montanaro European Income
Montanaro Global Innovation
Montanaro UK Income
Morg Stnly Emerging Leaders Equity
Morg Stnly Euro Corporate Bond
Morg Stnly Global Brands
Morg Stnly Global Fixed Income Opportunities
Morg Stnly Global Insight
Morg Stnly Global Opportunity
Morg Stnly Global Quality
Morg Stnly US Advantage
Morg Stnly US Growth
Morgan Meighen & Associates Canadian General Investments Ld
Morgan Stanley Developing Opportunity
Morgan Stanley Global Balanced Income
Morgan Stanley Global Balanced Sustainable
Morgan Stanley Global Brands
Morgan Stanley Global Brands Equity Income
Morgan Stanley Global Insight
Morgan Stanley Global Sustain
Morgan Stanley Sterling Corporate Bond
Morgan Stanley US Advantage
Multipartner SICAV Baron Emerging Markets Equity
Multipartner SICAV Baron Global Advantage Equity
Muzinich Americayield
Muzinich Asia Credit Opportunities
Muzinich Emerging Market Corporate Debt
Muzinich Emerging Markets Short Duration
Muzinich Enhancedyield Short-Term Fund
Muzinich Europeyield
Muzinich Global High Yield
Muzinich Global Short Duration Investment Grade
Muzinich Global Tactical Credit
Muzinich LongShort Credit Yield
Muzinich Short Duration High Yield
Muzinich Sustainable Credit
Natixis H2O MultiReturns
Natixis Harris Associates Global Concentrated Equity
Natixis Harris Associates Global Equity
Natixis Harris Associates US Equity
Natixis Loomis Sayles Global Opportunistic Bond
Natixis Loomis Sayles Multi Sector Income
Natixis Loomis Sayles Strategic Income
Natixis Loomis Sayles U.S. Equity Leaders
Natixis Pacific RIM Equity
NB Corporate Hybrid Bond
NB Distressed Debt Investment FD LD
NB Emerging Market Debt Blend
NB Emerging Market Debt Hard Currency
NB Emerging Market Debt Local Currency
NB Emerging Market Debt Sustainable Investment Grade Blend
NB Emerging Markets Corporate Debt
NB Emerging Markets Equity
NB Global Flexible Credit
NB Global Opportunistic Bond
NB Multi Asset Income
NB Short Duration Emerging Market Debt
NB Short Duration High Yield Bond
NB Strategic Income
NB Uncorrelated Strategies
NB US Multi Cap Opportunities
NB US Small Cap
NB Alternatives Advisers LLC NB Private Equity Partners Limited
Nedgroup Contrarian Value Equity
Nedgroup Global Flexible
Nedgroup Investments Global Emerging Markets Equity
Neuberger Berman NB Global Monthly Income Fund Limited
New Capital Asia Future Leaders
New Capital China Equity
New Capital Dynamic European Equity
New Capital Global Balanced
New Capital Global Convertible Bond
New Capital Global Equity Conviction
New Capital Global Value Credit
New Capital Japan Equity
New Capital Strategic Portfolio UCITS
New Capital US Future Leaders
New Capital US Growth
New Capital US Small Cap Growth
New Capital Wealthy Nations Bond
New City Investment Managers CQS Natural Resources Growth and Income Plc
New City Investment Managers CQS New City High Yield Fund Limited Ord NPV
New City Investment Managers Geiger Counter
New City Investment Managers Golden Prospect Precious Metals Limited
New Energy Solar Manager Pty Limited US Solar PLC
NextEnergy Solar Fund Limited Red Ord Npv
NFU Mutual Gilt & Corporate Bond
NFU Mutual Global Growth
NFU Mutual Mixed Portfolio 20 60% Shares
NFU Mutual Mixed Portfolio 40 85% shares
NFU Mutual Mixed Portfolio Max 100% Shares
NFU Mutual UK Equity Income
NFU Mutual UK Growth
NFU Mutual UK Property Shares
Nikko AM Asia Ex-Japan
Nikko AM Global Equity
Nikko AM Japan Value
Ninety One American Franchise
Ninety One Asia Pacific Franchise
Ninety One Diversified Income
Ninety One Emerging Markets Blended Debt
Ninety One Emerging Markets Equity
Ninety One Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt
Ninety One Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Opportunities
Ninety One Global Dynamic
Ninety One Global Environment
Ninety One Global Equity
Ninety One Global Franchise
Ninety One Global Gold
Ninety One Global Income Opportunities
Ninety One Global Macro Allocated
Ninety One Global Multi-Asset Sustainable Growth
Ninety One Global Quality Equity Income
Ninety One Global Special Situations
Ninety One Global Strategic Equity
Ninety One Global Total Return Credit
Ninety One Multi Asset Protector
Ninety One Multi Asset Protector 2
Ninety One UK Alpha
Ninety One UK Equity Income
Ninety One UK Smaller Companies
Ninety One UK Special Situations
Ninety One UK Sustainable Equity
Nippon Active Value Fund Plc Nippon Active Value Fund PLC
Nomura American Century Advanced Medical Impact Equity
Nomura American Century Concentrated Global Growth Equity
Nomura American Century Emerging Markets Debt Total Return
Nomura American Century Emerging Markets Equity
Nomura American Century Emerging Markets Sustainable Impact Equity
Nomura American Century Global Growth Equity
Nomura American Century Global Small Cap Equity
Nomura Asia Ex-Japan High Conviction
Nomura Asia High Yield Bond
Nomura Asia Investment Grade Bond
Nomura China
Nomura Emerging Market Local Currency Debt
Nomura Global Dynamic Bond
Nomura Global High Conviction
Nomura Global Sustainable High Yield Bond
Nomura India Equity
Nomura Japan High Conviction
Nomura Japan Strategic Value
Nomura US High Yield Bond
Nordea 1 Emerging Stars Equity
Nordea 1 Flexible Fixed Income
Nordea 1 Global Climate and Environment
Nordea 1 Global Stars Equity
Nordea 1 North American Stars Equity Fund
Oakley Capital Investments Oakley Capital Investment Ltd
Oasis Crescent Global Property Equity
Ocean Dial Asset Management India Capital Growth Ld
Octopus Investments Octopus Renewables Infrastructure T
Odyssean Capital LLP Odyssean Investment Trust Plc
Oldfield Overstone Global Equity Income
OLIM Value & Indexed Property Income Trust plc
Omnis Investments Ltd Omnis Absolute Return Bond
Omnis Investments Ltd Omnis Diversified Returns
One Family Stockmarket 100 Trust
Optimal Multi Asset Balanced
Orbis Global Balanced
Orbis Global Cautious
Orbis Global Equity
Oxeye Capital Management Limited The VT Oxeye Hedged Income Option
Oyster Europe
Oyster European Corporate Bonds
Oyster Japan Opportunities
Oyster Sustainable Europe
Oyster US Core Plus
Oyster US High Yield
Oyster US Small & Mid Company Growth
Oyster US Value
Pantheon Ventures Pantheon International Plc
Partners Group Princess Private Equity Holdings Limited
Personal Assets Personal Assets Trust plc
PGIM Absolute Return
PGIM Broad Market US High Yield Bond
PGIM Emerging Market Total Return Bond
PGIM Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt
PGIM European Corporate ESG Bond
PGIM European High Yield Bond
PGIM Global Corporate Bond
PGIM Global High Yield Bond
PGIM Global High Yield ESG Bond
PGIM Global Total Return Bond
PGIM Jennison Emerging Markets Equity
PGIM Jennison Global Equity Opportunities
PGIM Jennison US Growth
PGIM Multi Asset Credit
PGIM QMA Emerging Markets All Cap Equity
PGIM QMA Global Core Equity ESG
PGIM QMA Global Equity Opportunities
PGIM QMAW Keynes Systematic Absolute Return
PGIM US Corporate Bond
Phoenix Asset Management Aurora Investment Trust plc
Pictet Absolute Return Fixed Income
Pictet Asian Equities Ex Japan
Pictet Asian Local Currency Debt
Pictet China Equities
Pictet Clean Energy
Pictet Digital
Pictet Emerging Corporate Bonds
Pictet Emerging Local Currency Debt
Pictet Emerging Markets
Pictet Emerging Markets Index
Pictet EUR Bonds
Pictet EUR High Yield
Pictet EUR Short Term High Yield
Pictet Family
Pictet Global Emerging Debt
Pictet Global Environmental Opportunities
Pictet Global Megatrend Selection
Pictet Global Sustainable Credit
Pictet Human
Pictet Indian Equities
Pictet Japan Index
Pictet Japanese Equity Opportunities
Pictet Japanese Equity Selection
Pictet Multi Asset Global Opportunities
Pictet Pacific Ex Japan Index
Pictet Premium Brands
Pictet Quest Emerging Sustainable Equities
Pictet Quest Europe Sustainable Equities
Pictet Security
Pictet Short Term Emerging Corporate Bonds
Pictet Short-Term Emerging Local Currency Debt
Pictet SmartCity
Pictet Strategic Credit
Pictet Timber
Pictet US High Yield
Pictet USA Index
Pictet Water
Pictet Asset Management (Europe) S.A. Global Thematic Opportunities
Pictet Asset Management (Europe) S.A. Robotics
Pimco Climate Bond
Pimco Diversified Income Duration Hedged
Pimco GIS Capital Securities
Pimco GIS Euro Income Bond
Pimco GIS Global Bond ESG
Pimco GIS Strategic Income
Pimco Global Investment Grade Credit ESG
Pimco Global Low Duration Real Return
Pimco Low Duration Income Fund
Pimco Mortgage Opportunities
Pimco US Investment Grade Corporate Bond
Pimco GIS Asia Strategic Interest Bond
Pimco GIS Diversified Income
Pimco GIS Dynamic Multi-Asset
Pimco GIS Emerging Local Bond
Pimco GIS Emerging Markets Bond
Pimco GIS Emerging Markets Bond ESG
Pimco GIS Emerging Markets Corporate Bond
Pimco GIS Euro Bond
Pimco GIS Euro Credit
Pimco GIS Euro Long Average Duration
Pimco GIS Global Advantage
Pimco GIS Global Bond
Pimco GIS Global Bond Ex US
Pimco GIS Global Core Asset Allocation
Pimco GIS Global High Yield Bond
Pimco GIS Global Investment Grade Credit Fund
Pimco GIS Global Real Return
Pimco GIS Income
Pimco GIS Low Average Duration
Pimco GIS StocksPLUS
Pimco GIS Total Return Bond
Pimco GIS UK Corporate Bond
Pimco GIS UK Long Term Corporate Bond
Pimco GIS US High Yield Bond
Pimco Select UK Income Bond
Pinnacle Investment Management Aikya Global Emerging Markets Fund UCITS
Polar Asia Stars
Polar China Stars
Polar Capital Automation & Artificial Intelligence
Polar Capital Emerging Markets Stars
Polar Capital European (EX UK) Income
Polar Capital Financial Opportunities
Polar Capital Global Convertible
Polar Capital Global Insurance
Polar Capital Global Technology
Polar Capital Healthcare Blue Chip
Polar Capital Healthcare Opportunities
Polar Capital Japan Value
Polar Capital North American
Polar Capital UK Value Opportunities
Polar Capital Partners Ltd Polar Capital Global Financials Trust PLC
Polar Capital Partners Ltd Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust PLC
Polar Capital Partners Ltd Polar Capital Technology Trust PLC
Premier Fund Managers Premier Miton Global Renewables Trust PLC
Premier Miton Balanced Multi Asset
Premier Miton Cautious Monthly Income
Premier Miton Cautious Multi Asset
Premier Miton Corporate Bond Monthly Income
Premier Miton Defensive Growth
Premier Miton Defensive Multi Asset
Premier Miton Diversified Balanced Growth
Premier Miton Diversified Cautious Growth
Premier Miton Diversified Dynamic Growth
Premier Miton Diversified Growth
Premier Miton Diversified Income
Premier Miton European Opportunities
Premier Miton European Sustainable Leaders
Premier Miton Financials Capital Securities
Premier Miton Global Infrastructure Income
Premier Miton Global Smaller Companies
Premier Miton Global Sustainable Growth
Premier Miton Global Sustainable Optimum Income
Premier Miton Income
Premier Miton Managed Index Balanced
Premier Miton Monthly Income
Premier Miton Multi-Asset Absolute Return
Premier Miton Multi-Asset Distribution
Premier Miton Multi-Asset Global Growth
Premier Miton Multi-Asset Growth & Income
Premier Miton Multi-Asset Monthly Income
Premier Miton Optimum Income
Premier Miton Pan European Property Share
Premier Miton Responsible UK Equity
Premier Miton Strategic Monthly Income Bond
Premier Miton UK Growth
Premier Miton UK Multi Cap Income
Premier Miton UK Smaller Companies
Premier Miton UK Value Opportunities
Premier Miton US Opportunities
Premier Miton US Smaller Companies
Premier Miton Worldwide Opportunities
Premier Miton Investors MIGO Opportunities Trust plc
Premier Miton Investors Miton UK MicroCap Trust PLC
Premier Miton Investors The Diverse Income Trust PLC
Principal GIF European Equity
Principal GIF Global Responsible Equity
Principal GIF Preferred Securities
Pyrford Global Total Return (Sterling)
Quaero Capital Atlantis Japan Growth
Quilter Cheviot Climate Assets
Quilter Investors Absolute Return Bond
Quilter Investors Asia Pacific (ex Japan) Equity
Quilter Investors Asia Pacific (ex Japan) Large-Cap Equity
Quilter Investors Bond 1
Quilter Investors Bond 2
Quilter Investors China Equity
Quilter Investors Cirilium Adventurous Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Balanced Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Conservative Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Dynamic Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Moderate Portfolio
Quilter Investors Corporate Bond
Quilter Investors Diversified Bond
Quilter Investors Diversified Portfolio
Quilter Investors Emerging Markets Equity
Quilter Investors Emerging Markets Equity Growth
Quilter Investors Emerging Markets Equity Income
Quilter Investors Equity 1
Quilter Investors Ethical Equity
Quilter Investors Europe (ex UK) Equity
Quilter Investors Europe (ex UK) Equity Growth
Quilter Investors Europe (ex UK) Equity Income
Quilter Investors Gilt Index
Quilter Investors Global Dynamic Equity
Quilter Investors Global Equity Absolute Return
Quilter Investors Global Equity Growth
Quilter Investors Global Equity Index
Quilter Investors Global Equity Value
Quilter Investors Global Property Securities
Quilter Investors Global Unconstrained Equity
Quilter Investors Investment Grade Corporate Bond
Quilter Investors Japanese Equity
Quilter Investors Natural Resources Equity
Quilter Investors Precious Metals Equity
Quilter Investors Sterling Corporate Bond
Quilter Investors Sterling Diversified Bond
Quilter Investors Strategic Bond
Quilter Investors UK Equity
Quilter Investors UK Equity Growth
Quilter Investors UK Equity Income
Quilter Investors UK Equity Index
Quilter Investors UK Equity Large-Cap Income
Quilter Investors UK Equity Large-Cap Value
Quilter Investors UK Equity Opportunities
Quilter Investors US Equity Growth
Quilter Investors US Equity Income
Quilter Investors US Equity Small/Mid-Cap
R&M ES River and Mercantile European
R&M River And Mercantile UK Micro Cap
Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund
Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund
Rathbone Greenbank Global Sustainability
Rathbone High Quality Bond Fund
Rathbone Income Fund
Rathbone Strategic Bond Fund
Rathbone UK Opportunities Fund
RBS Global Bond
RBS Managed Defensive
RBS Managed Equity Growth
RBS Managed Growth
RBS UK Equity
RDP Global Resources Investment Trust PLC Ord 1P
RIT Capital Partners plc RIT Capital Partners plc
Riverstone International Riverstone Energy Limited Ord NPV
Robeco Asian Stars Equities
Robeco BP Global Premium Equities
Robeco BP US Large Cap Equities
Robeco Emerging Markets Equities
Robeco Emerging Stars Equities
Robeco FinTech
Robeco Global Consumer Trends Equities
Robeco Global Credits
Robeco Global Credits Short Maturity
Robeco High Yield Bonds
Robeco QI Continental European Conservative Equities
Robeco QI Emerging Conservative Equities
Robeco QI US Conservative Equities
Robeco SAM Global SDG Credits
RobecoSAM SDG Credit Income
Royal Bank of Scot Stakeholder Inv
Royal London Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity Tilt
Royal London Cautious Managed
Royal London Corporate Bond
Royal London Corporate Bond Monthly Income Trust
Royal London Diversified Asset-Backed Securities
Royal London Emerging Markets ESG Leaders Equity Tracker
Royal London Ethical Bond
Royal London Europe ex UK Equity Tilt
Royal London European Growth
Royal London European Growth Trust
Royal London Global Bond Opportunities
Royal London Global Equity Diversified
Royal London Global Equity Income
Royal London Global Equity Select
Royal London Global High Yield Bond
Royal London Global Index Linked
Royal London Global Sustainable Credit
Royal London Global Sustainable Equity
Royal London GMAP Adventurous
Royal London GMAP Balanced
Royal London GMAP Conservative
Royal London GMAP Defensive
Royal London GMAP Dynamic
Royal London GMAP Growth
Royal London Index Linked
Royal London International Government Bond
Royal London Investment Grade Short Dated Credit
Royal London Japan Equity Tilt
Royal London Monthly Income Bond
Royal London Property
Royal London Short Duration Credit
Royal London Short Duration Gilts
Royal London Short Duration Global High Yield Bond
Royal London Short Duration Global Index Linked
Royal London Short Term Money Market
Royal London Sterling Credit
Royal London Sterling Extra Yield Bond
Royal London Sustainable Diversified Trust
Royal London Sustainable Leaders Trust
Royal London Sustainable Managed Growth Trust
Royal London Sustainable Managed Income Trust
Royal London Sustainable World Trust
Royal London UK All Share Tracker
Royal London UK Broad Equity Tilt
Royal London UK Core Equity Tilt
Royal London UK Dividend Growth
Royal London UK Equity
Royal London UK Equity Income
Royal London UK FTSE4Good Tracker Trust
Royal London UK Government Bond
Royal London UK Growth Trust
Royal London UK Mid-Cap Growth
Royal London UK Opportunities
Royal London UK Smaller Companies
Royal London US Equity Tilt
Royal London US Growth Trust
RTW Investments RTW Venture Fund Limited
Ruffer LLP Ruffer Investment Company Ltd RED PTG PREF
Russell Emerging Market Debt Local Currency
Russell II US Quant
Russell IC Continental European Equity
Russell IC Japan Equity
Russell Investments Emerging Markets Equity
Russell Investments Global Bond
Russell Investments Global Listed Infrastructure
Russell Investments II World Equity
RWC Enhanced Income
RWC Global Convertibles
RWC Global Emerging Markets
RWC Global Horizon
RWC Nissay Japan Focus
RWC Sustainable Convertibles
RWC Temple Bar Investment Trust PLC
RWC UK Value
S&W Ilex Income
S&W Revera UK Dynamic
S&W Starhunter Managed
S&W TS Campana
Sanlam Active UK
Sanlam AI Global Managed Risk
Sanlam Credit
Sanlam Global High Quality
Sanlam Global Inflation Linked Bond
Sanlam Hybrid Capital Bond
Sanlam Sustainable Global Dividend
Santander Enhanced Income Portfolio
Santander Equity Income Unit Trust
Santander Europe (Excluding UK) Equities
Santander Japan Equities
Santander Pacific Basin (Excluding Japan) Equities
Santander Sterling Corporate Bond
Santander UK Equities
Santander UK Growth Unit Trust
Santander United States Equities
Sarasin Digital Opportunities
Sarasin Food & Agriculture Opportunities
Sarasin Global Dividend
Sarasin Global Equity Real Return
Sarasin Global Higher Dividend
Sarasin Multi Asset Strategic
Sarasin Responsible Corporate Bond
Sarasin Responsible Global Equity
Sarasin Sterling Bond
Sarasin Thematic Global Equity
Sarasin Tomorrows World Multi Asset
Sarasin UK Thematic Smaller Companies
Sarasin IE Global Equity Opportunities (GBP)
Sarasin IE Global Equity Opportunities (USD)
Sarasin IE Multi Asset Defensive (GBP)
Sarasin IE Multi Asset Dynamic (GBP)
Sarasin IE Multi Asset Target Return
Schroder Absolute Return Bond
Schroder All Maturities Corporate Bond
Schroder Asian Alpha Plus
Schroder Asian Income
Schroder Asian Income Maximiser
Schroder Blended Portfolio 3
Schroder Blended Portfolio 4
Schroder Blended Portfolio 5
Schroder Blended Portfolio 6
Schroder Blended Portfolio 7
Schroder Blended Portfolio 8
Schroder Diversified Growth
Schroder Dynamic Multi Asset
Schroder European
Schroder European Alpha Plus
Schroder European Recovery
Schroder European Smaller Companies
Schroder European Sustainable Equity
Schroder Gilt & Fixed Interest
Schroder Global Cities Real Estate
Schroder Global Cities Real Estate Income
Schroder Global Emerging Markets
Schroder Global Energy Transition
Schroder Global Equity
Schroder Global Equity Income
Schroder Global Healthcare
Schroder Global Recovery
Schroder Global Sustainable Growth
Schroder Global Sustainable Value Equity
Schroder High Yield Opportunities
Schroder Income
Schroder Income Maximiser
Schroder Income Portfolio
Schroder India Equity
Schroder Institutional Pacific
Schroder Institutional UK Smaller Companies
Schroder ISF EURO Corporate Bond
Schroder ISF European Sustainable Value
Schroder ISF Global Corporate Bond
Schroder ISF Global Energy
Schroder ISF Global Equity Alpha
Schroder ISF Global Equity Yield
Schroder ISF Global High Yield
Schroder ISF Global Inflation Linked Bond
Schroder ISF Global Smaller Companies
Schroder ISF Greater China
Schroder ISF Indian Equity
Schroder ISF Latin American
Schroder ISF QEP Global Emerging Markets
Schroder Islamic Global Equity
Schroder Long Dated Corporate Bond
Schroder Managed Balanced
Schroder MM Diversity
Schroder Monthly Income
Schroder Multi-Asset Total Return
Schroder Prime UK Equity
Schroder QEP Global Active Value
Schroder QEP Global Core
Schroder QEP Global Emerging Markets
Schroder QEP US Core
Schroder Recovery
Schroder Small Cap Discovery
Schroder Sterling Corporate Bond
Schroder Strategic Bond
Schroder Strategic Credit
Schroder Sustainable UK Equity
Schroder Tactical Portfolio 3
Schroder Tactical Portfolio 4
Schroder Tactical Portfolio 5
Schroder Tactical Portfolio 6
Schroder Tactical Portfolio 7
Schroder Tokyo
Schroder UK Alpha Income
Schroder UK Alpha Plus
Schroder UK Dynamic Absolute Return
Schroder UK Dynamic Smaller Companies
Schroder UK Equity
Schroder UK Mid 250
Schroder UK Multi-Cap Income
Schroder UK Opportunities
Schroder UK Smaller Companies
Schroder UK-Listed Equity Income Maximiser
Schroder US Equity Income Maximiser
Schroder US Mid Cap
Schroder US Smaller Companies
Schroder Investment Management Ltd BSC SOCIAL IMPACT TRUST PLC
Schroder Investment Management Ltd Schroder Asia Pacific
Schroder Investment Management Ltd Schroder Asian Total Return Investment Company Plc
Schroder Investment Management Ltd Schroder British Opportunities Trust PLC
Schroder Investment Management Ltd Schroder Income Growth
Schroder Investment Management Ltd Schroder Japan Growth plc
Schroder Investment Management Ltd Schroder Oriental Income
Schroder Investment Management Ltd Schroder UK Mid Cap
Schroder Investment Management Ltd Schroder UK Public Private Trust PLC
ScotGems plc Scotgems Plc Ord 1p
Scottish Friendly Managed Growth
Scottish Friendly UK Growth
Scottish Investment Trust The Scottish Investment Trust PLC
Scottish Widows American Growth
Scottish Widows Cash
Scottish Widows Corporate Bond 1
Scottish Widows Emerging Markets
Scottish Widows European Growth
Scottish Widows European Select Growth
Scottish Widows Global Growth
Scottish Widows Global Select Growth
Scottish Widows International Bd
Scottish Widows International Equity Tracker
Scottish Widows Japan Growth
Scottish Widows Pacific Growth
Scottish Widows Regular Income
Scottish Widows UK All Share Tracker
Scottish Widows UK Equity Income
Scottish Widows UK Fixed Interest Tracker
Scottish Widows UK Growth
Scottish Widows UK Index Linked Tracker
Scottish Widows UK Select Growth
Scottish Widows UK Smaller Companies
Scottish Widows UK Tracker
Scottish Widows HIFML UK Property
Seilern America
Seilern Europa
Seilern World Growth
Seneca Investment Managers Ltd Momentum Multi-Asset Value Trust plc
Sequoia Investment Management Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income Fund Limited Ord NPV
Shard Capital Partners LLP Sure Ventures Plc
SJP UK Absolute Return
SKAGEN Global Veripapirfond
SKAGEN KonTiki Veripapirfond
SL Capital Partners Standard Life Private Equity Trust PLC
Slater Artorius
Slater Growth
Slater Income
Slater Recovery
Smith & Williamson MM Endurance Balanced
Smith & Williamson MM Global Investment
SPW Multi-Manager Global Real Estate Securities
SPW Multi-Manager UK Equity
SPW Multi-Manager UK Equity Income
Standard Life Investments UK Real Estate
StandardLife Investments Aberdeen Standard Equity Income Trust PLC
StandardLife Investments Abrdn UK Smaller Companies Trust PLC
State Street Asia Pacific Ex-Jpn Screened (ex Controversies and CW) Idx Eq
State Street Europe ex UK Screened (ex Controversies and CW) Idx Eq
State Street Jpn Scrnd (ex Controversies and CW) Idx Eq
State Street North America Screened (ex Controversies and CW) Idx Eq
State Street UK Scrend (ex Controversies and CW) Idx Eq
Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders Sustainability
Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Sustainab.
Stewart Investors Asia Pcfic and Japan Sustblty
Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets
Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets Leaders
Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets Sustainability
Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent Sustainability
Stewart Investors Latin America
Stewart Investors Worldw. Lead. Sust.
Stewart Investors Worldwide Sustainab.
Stewart Investors (First Sentier Investors) (UK) First Sentier Responsible Listed Infrastructure
Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity
Sustainable Deveploment Capital LLP SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust PLC
SV Health Managers International Biotechnology Trust
SVM All Europe SRI
SVM Continental Europe
SVM UK Growth
SVM UK Opportunities
SVM World Equity
SVM Asset Management SVM UK Emerging
SVS Aubrey China
SVS Aubrey Europe Ex-UK
SVS Aubrey Global Conviction
SVS Aubrey Global Emerging Markets
SVS BambuBlack Asia ex-Japan All-Cap
SVS BambuBlack Asia Income & Growth
SVS SVS Brooks Macdonald Blueprint Balanced
SVS SVS Brooks Macdonald Blueprint Cautious Growth
SVS SVS Brooks Macdonald Blueprint Defensive Income
SVS SVS Brooks Macdonald Blueprint Strategic Growth
SVS SVS Brooks Macdonald Defensive Capital
SVS Church House Balanced Equity Income
SVS Church House Esk Global Equity
SVS Church House Investment Grade Fixed Interest
SVS Church House Tenax Absolute Return Strategies
SVS Church House UK Equity Growth
SVS Heritage Balanced Portfolio
SVS Sanlam European Equity
SVS Sanlam Fixed Interest
SVS Sanlam Global Gold & Resources
SVS Sanlam North American Equity
SVS Sanlam UK Equity Growth
Symphony International Holdings Symphony International Holdings LD
Syncona Syncona Limited
T. Bailey Dynamic
T. Bailey Growth
T. Bailey Fund Srvs Ltd (ACD) Aptus Global Financials
T. Bailey Fund Srvs Ltd (ACD) Heriot Global
T. Bailey Fund Srvs Ltd (ACD) Ocean UK Equity
T. Bailey Fund Srvs Ltd (ACD) TB Calibre Equity
T. Bailey Fund Srvs Ltd (ACD) TB Doherty Balanced Managed
T. Bailey Fund Srvs Ltd (ACD) TB Doherty Cautious Managed
T. Bailey Fund Srvs Ltd (ACD) TB Doherty Distribution
T. Bailey Fund Srvs Ltd (ACD) The Sandwood
T. Rowe Price Asian Opportunities Equity
T. Rowe Price Asian Opportunities Equity
T. Rowe Price Continental European Equity
T. Rowe Price Continental European Equity
T. Rowe Price Dynamic Global Bond
T. Rowe Price Emerging Local Markets Bond Fund
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Bond
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Discovery Equity
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Discovery Equity
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Equity
T. Rowe Price European Equity
T. Rowe Price Global Focused Growth Equity
T. Rowe Price Global Focused Growth Equity
T. Rowe Price Global Growth Equity
T. Rowe Price Global High Income Bond
T. Rowe Price Global High Yield Bond
T. Rowe Price Global Natural Resources Equity
T. Rowe Price Global Natural Resources Equity
T. Rowe Price Global Technology Equity
T. Rowe Price Global Technology Equity
T. Rowe Price Japanese Equity
T. Rowe Price Japanese Equity
T. Rowe Price Responsible Asian Ex Japan Equity
T. Rowe Price Responsible Euro Corporate Bond
T. Rowe Price Responsible European High Yield Bond
T. Rowe Price Responsible European Smaller Companies Equity
T. Rowe Price Responsible Global Aggregate Bond
T. Rowe Price Responsible UK Equity
T. Rowe Price Responsible US Aggregate Bond
T. Rowe Price US Blue Chip Equity
T. Rowe Price US Equity
T. Rowe Price US Equity
T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Growth Equity
T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Growth Equity Fund
T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Value Equity
T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Value Equity
T. Rowe Price US Smaller Companies Equity
T. Rowe Price US Smaller Companies Equity Fund
Tavistock Wealth Limited ACUMEN Income Portfolio
Tavistock Wealth Limited ACUMEN Portfolio 3
Tavistock Wealth Limited ACUMEN Portfolio 4
Tavistock Wealth Limited ACUMEN Portfolio 5
Tavistock Wealth Limited ACUMEN Portfolio 6
Tavistock Wealth Limited ACUMEN Portfolio 7
Tavistock Wealth Limited ACUMEN Portfolio 8
TB Amati Strategic Metals
TB Evenlode Global Equity
TB Evenlode Global Income
TB Evenlode Income
TB Guinness Global Energy
TB Guinness Global Equity Income
TB Guinness UK Equity Income
TB Howay Equity
TB Mellifera Managed
TB Opie Street Balanced
TB Opie Street Growth
TB TB Amati UK Smaller Companies
TB Whitman UK Small Cap Growth
TB Chawton Global Equity Income
TB Enigma Dynamic Growth
TB Saracen Global Income & Growth
TB Saracen UK Alpha
TB Saracen UK Income
TCW Core Plus Bond
TCW Emerging Markets Income
TCW Emerging Markets Local Currency Income
TCW Income
TCW Unconstrained Bond
Templeton Asian Growth
Templeton China
Templeton Emerging Markets Bond
Templeton Emerging Markets Smaller Companies
Templeton Global Bond
Tetragon Financial Management LP Tetragon Financial Group Limited
Thames River Capital (UK) TR Property Investment Trust plc
Thesis Libero Balanced
Thesis Libero Cautious
Thesis Libero Strategic
Thesis Stonehage Fleming AIM
Thesis Stonehage Fleming International
Thesis Stonehage Fleming Opportunities
Thesis TM Neuberger Berman Absolute Alpha
Thesis TM P1 Sustainable World
Thesis TM RWC Global Equity Income
Thesis TM Tellworth UK Select
Threadneedle American
Threadneedle American Extended Alpha
Threadneedle American Select
Threadneedle American Smaller Companies (US)
Threadneedle Asia
Threadneedle China Opportunities
Threadneedle Dollar Bond
Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return
Threadneedle Emerging Market Bond
Threadneedle Emerging Market Local
Threadneedle European
Threadneedle European Bond
Threadneedle European Select
Threadneedle European Smaller Companies
Threadneedle Global Bond
Threadneedle Global Emerging Market Equity
Threadneedle Global Equity Income
Threadneedle Global Extended Alpha
Threadneedle Global Focus
Threadneedle Global Multi Asset Income
Threadneedle Global Select
Threadneedle High Yield Bond
Threadneedle Japan
Threadneedle Latin America
Threadneedle Managed Bond Focused
Threadneedle Managed Equity
Threadneedle Managed Equity & Bond
Threadneedle Managed Equity Focused
Threadneedle Pan European Focus
Threadneedle Property
Threadneedle Sterling Bond
Threadneedle Sterling Corporate Bond
Threadneedle Sterling Medium and Long Dated Corporate Bond
Threadneedle Sterling Short Dated Corporate Bond
Threadneedle Strategic Bond
Threadneedle UK
Threadneedle UK Equity Alpha Income
Threadneedle UK Equity Income
Threadneedle UK Equity Opportunities
Threadneedle UK Extended Alpha
Threadneedle UK Fixed Interest
Threadneedle UK Growth and Income
Threadneedle UK Index Linked
Threadneedle UK Institutional
Threadneedle UK Mid 250
Threadneedle UK Monthly Income
Threadneedle UK Property Authorised Investment
Threadneedle UK Smaller Companies
Threadneedle UK Social Bond
Threadneedle UK Sustainable Equity
Threadneedle US Equity Income
TIME Investments ARC TIME Commercial Long Income PAIF
TIME Investments ARC TIME Freehold Income Authorised
TIME Investments ARC TIME Social Long Income PAIF
TIME Investments ARC TIME UK Infrastructure Income
TM Brunsdon Adventurous Growth
TM Brunsdon Cautious Growth
TM Cerno Global Leaders
TM Cerno Pacific
TM Home Investor
TM RWC Global Emerging Markets Fund
TM RWC UK Equity Income
TM Stonehage Fleming Global Equities
TM Stonehage Fleming UK Equity Income
TM Tellworth UK Smaller Companies
TM UBS (UK) Balanced
TM UBS (UK) Global Balanced
TM UBS (UK) Global Equity
TM UBS (UK) Global Fixed Income
TM UBS (UK) Global Growth
TM UBS (UK) Global Yield
TM UBS (UK) Growth
TM UBS (UK) Income Focus
TM UBS (UK) UK Equity
TM CRUX European
TM CRUX European Special Situations
TM CRUX UK Special Situations
TM Fulcrum Diversified Absolute Return
TM Fulcrum Diversified Core Absolute Return
TM Fulcrum Diversified Growth
TM Fulcrum Diversified Liquid Alternatives
TM Fulcrum Income
TreeTop Aubrey European Conviction
Triple Point Investment Management Digital 9 Infrastructure
Triple Point Investment Management Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Company Plc
Trium Sustainable Innovators Global Equity
Troy Income & Growth Trust plc
Troy Securities Trust Of Scotland
Troy Asset Management Ltd Spectrum
Troy Asset Management Ltd Trojan
Troy Asset Management Ltd Trojan Ethical
Troy Asset Management Ltd Trojan Global Equity
Troy Asset Management Ltd Trojan Global Income
Troy Asset Management Ltd Trojan Income
TT Asia Pacific Equity
TT Emerging Markets Equity
TT Emerging Markets Unconstrained
TwentyFour Asset Backed Income
TwentyFour Asset Backed Opportunities
TwentyFour Corporate Bond
TwentyFour Dynamic Bond
TwentyFour Monument Bond
TwentyFour Asset Management LLP Twentyfour Select Monthly Income Fund Limited Ord 1P
UBS (Lux) Equity SICAV Global Opportunity Unconstrained (USD)
UBS FTSE RAFI Developed 1000 Index
UBS Global Allocation UK
UBS Global Diversified Income
UBS Global Emerging Markets Equity
UBS Global Emerging Markets Opportunity
UBS Global Enhanced Equity Income
UBS Global Optimal
UBS Global Strategic Bond
UBS Luxembourg Selection Active Solar
UBS MSCI World Minimum Volatility Index
UBS Multi Asset Income
UBS S&P 500 Index
UBS Sterling Corporate Bond Indexed
UBS UK Equity Income
UBS US Equity
UBS US Growth
UIL Limited 2028 Zdp Shs 8676p (di)
Unicorn Mastertrust
Unicorn Outstanding British Companies
Unicorn UK Ethical Income
Unicorn UK Growth
Unicorn UK Income
Unicorn UK Smaller Companies
UTI India Dynamic Equity
Vanguard Active U.K. Equity
Vanguard Emerging Markets Bond
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index
Vanguard ESG Developed World All Cap Equity Index
Vanguard ESG Developed World All Cap Equity Index
Vanguard ESG Emerging Markets All Cap Equity Index
Vanguard Euro Investment Grade Bond Index
Vanguard European Stock Index
Vanguard Eurozone Stock Index
Vanguard FTSE 100 Index Unit Trust
Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe ex-UK Equity Index
Vanguard FTSE Developed World ex-UK Equity Index
Vanguard FTSE Global All Cap Index
Vanguard FTSE U.K. All Share Index Unit Trust
Vanguard FTSE UK Equity Income Index
Vanguard Global Bond Index
Vanguard Global Corporate Bond Index
Vanguard Global Credit Bond
Vanguard Global Emerging Markets
Vanguard Global Equity
Vanguard Global Equity Income
Vanguard Global Short Term Corporate Bond Index
Vanguard Global Short-Term Bond Index
Vanguard Global Small-Cap Index
Vanguard Global Stock Index
Vanguard Japan Government Bond Index
Vanguard Japan Stock Index
Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% Equity
Vanguard LifeStrategy 20% Equity
Vanguard LifeStrategy 40% Equity
Vanguard LifeStrategy 60% Equity
Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity
Vanguard Pacific ex-Japan Stock Index
Vanguard SRI European Stock
Vanguard SustainableLife 60-70% Equity
Vanguard Target Retirement 2015
Vanguard Target Retirement 2020
Vanguard Target Retirement 2025
Vanguard Target Retirement 2030
Vanguard Target Retirement 2035
Vanguard Target Retirement 2040
Vanguard Target Retirement 2045
Vanguard Target Retirement 2050
Vanguard Target Retirement 2055
Vanguard Target Retirement 2060
Vanguard Target Retirement 2065
Vanguard UK Government Bond Index
Vanguard UK Inflation-Linked Gilt Index
Vanguard UK Investment Grade Bond Index
Vanguard UK Long Duration Gilt Index
Vanguard UK Short-Term Investment Grade Bond Index
Vanguard US 500 Stock Index
Vanguard US Equity Index
Vanguard US Investment Grade Credit Index
Vanguard US Opportunities
Veritas Asian
Veritas Global Equity Income
Veritas Global Focus
VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities Plc
VinaCapital Investment Management VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity
Virgin Bond Gilt UK and Overseas Share
Virgin Bond Gilt UK Share
Virgin Climate Change
Virgin Global Share
Virgin Money Bond and Gilt
Virgin Money Defensive
Virgin Money Growth 3
Virgin UK Index Tracking
Vontobel Asset Management S.A. Emerging Markets Corporate Bond
Vontobel Asset Management S.A. Emerging Markets Debt
Vontobel Asset Management S.A. Global Corporate Bond Mid Yield
Vontobel Asset Management S.A. Global Equity
Vontobel Asset Management S.A. mtx Sustainable Asian Leaders (ex Japan)
Vontobel Asset Management S.A. mtx Sustainable Emerging Markets Leaders
Vontobel Asset Management S.A. US Equity
VT AI-FUNDS Tactical High Yield Bond
VT AJ Bell Adventurous
VT AJ Bell Balanced
VT AJ Bell Cautious
VT AJ Bell Global Growth
VT AJ Bell Moderately Adventurous
VT AJ Bell Moderately Cautious
VT AJ Bell Responsible Growth
VT Argonaut Absolute Return
VT Argonaut Equity Income
VT Argonaut European Alpha
VT Asset Intelligence Defensive
VT Asset Intelligence Growth
VT Avastra Global Alternatives
VT Avastra Global Equity
VT Avastra Global Fixed Income
VT Blackfinch Balanced Portfolio
VT Blackfinch Cautious Portfolio
VT Blackfinch Defensive Portfolio
VT Blackfinch Income Portfolio
VT Cantab Balanced
VT Cantab Moderate
VT Cantab Sustainable Global Equity
VT Cape Wrath Focus
VT Castlebay UK Equity
VT Chelsea Managed Balanced Growth
VT Chelsea Managed Monthly Income
VT Clear Peak Capital UK Long/Short Equity
VT De Lisle America
VT Discovery Balanced
VT Discovery Cautious
VT Discovery Growth
VT Downing European Unconstrained Income
VT Downing Global Investors
VT Downing Small & Mid-Cap Income
VT Downing Unique Opportunities
VT Dromore Investment
VT Esprit Careful Growth
VT Esprit Sustainable Growth
VT Esprit Tactical Alpha Plus
VT Esprit Tactical Balanced
VT Esprit Tactical Growth
VT Esprit Tactical Income
VT Garraway Absolute Equity
VT Garraway Diversified Income
VT Garraway Multi Asset Balanced
VT Garraway Multi Asset Growth
VT Global Total Return
VT Gravis Clean Energy Income
VT Gravis Digital Infrastructure Income
VT Gravis UK Infrastructure Income
VT Gravis UK Listed Property (PAIF)
VT Greystone Balanced Managed
VT Greystone Cautious Managed
VT Greystone Conservative Managed
VT Greystone Global Growth
VT Grosvenor Adventurous
VT Grosvenor Cautious
VT Halo Global Asian Consumer
VT KMGIM Medium High Risk
VT Momentum Diversified Growth
VT Momentum Diversified Income
VT Munro Smart-Beta UK
VT PEF Global Multi-Asset
VT PPM Global Dynamic
VT Price Value Portfolio
VT Protean Capital Elder
VT Protean Capital PROCSI CoRE
VT Redlands Equity Portfolio
VT Redlands Fixed Income Portfolio
VT Redlands Multi-Asset Portfolio
VT Redlands Property Portfolio
VT RM Alternative Income
VT RM Global Real Opportunities Fund
VT SG UK Defined Return Assets
VT Sinfonia Adventurous Growth Portfolio
VT Sinfonia Balanced Managed Portfolio
VT Sinfonia Cautious Managed Portfolio
VT Sinfonia Income & Growth Portfolio
VT Sinfonia Income Portfolio
VT Smartfund Balanced Strategy
VT Smartfund Cautious Strategy
VT Smartfund Growth Strategy
VT Sorbus Vector
VT Tatton Blended Active
VT Tatton Blended Aggressive
VT Tatton Blended Balanced
VT Tatton Blended Cautious
VT Tatton Blended Defensive
VT Tatton Oak Capital Growth
VT Tatton Oak Cautious Growth
VT Teviot UK Smaller Companies
VT Tyndall Global Select
VT Tyndall North American
VT Tyndall Real Income
VT Ursus Arctos
VT Vanneck Defensive
VT Vanneck Global Growth
VT Woodhill UK Equity Strategic
VT Momentum Diversified Balanced
VT Momentum Diversified Cautious
VT Momentum Diversified Moderate
Waverton Asia Pacific
Waverton European Capital Growth
Waverton European Dividend Growth
Waverton Global Equity
Waverton Global Strategic Bond
Waverton Multi-Asset Growth
Waverton Multi-Asset Income
Waverton Sterling Bond
Waverton Strategic Equity
Waverton UK
WAY Flexible Global Growth Portfolio
WAY Global Balanced Portfolio
WAY Global Cautious Portfolio
WAY Global Growth Portfolio
WAY Global Momentum
WAY MA Cautious Portfolio
Weiss Asset Management LP Weiss Korea Opportunity Ltd
Wellington All-China Focus Equity
Wellington Asia Technology
Wellington Asian Opportunities
Wellington Blended Opportunistic Emerging Markets Debt
Wellington Climate Strategy
Wellington Credit Income
Wellington Durable Companies
Wellington Durable Enterprises
Wellington Dynamic Diversified Income
Wellington Emerging Local Debt
Wellington Emerging Markets Research Equity
Wellington Emerging Markets Research Equity Core
Wellington Enduring Assets
Wellington FinTech Fund
Wellington Focused European Equity
Wellington Global Bond
Wellington Global Credit Plus
Wellington Global Health Care Equity
Wellington Global High Yield Bond
Wellington Global Impact
Wellington Global Impact Bond
Wellington Global Innovation
Wellington Global Quality Growth
Wellington Global Research Equity Catholic Values
Wellington Global Stewards
Wellington Multi-Asset Total Return Income
Wellington Opportunistic Fixed Income
Wellington Pan European Small Cap Equity
Wellington Strategic European Equity
Wellington US Brand Power
Wellington US Dynamic Equity
Wellington US Research Equity
Wellington World Bond
Wesleyan International Growth
Wesleyan Low Risk Reward Growth
Wesleyan Moderate High Risk Reward Income
Wesleyan Moderate Risk Reward Growth
Wesleyan Risk Averse
Wesleyan UK Growth
Willis Towers Watson Alliance Trust PLC
Wise Funds Limited TB Wise Multi-Asset Growth
Wise Funds Limited TB Wise Multi-Asset Income
Witan Witan Investment Trust plc
Worsley Investors Limited Worsley Investors Limited Ord NPV
WS Charteris Global Macro
WS Charteris Gold & Precious Metals
WS Charteris Premium Income
WS Charteris Strategic Bond
WS Kleinwort Hambros Equity Income
WS Kleinwort Hambros Fixed Income
WS Kleinwort Hambros Growth
WS Kleinwort Hambros Multi Asset Balanced
WS QUAYS Adventurous
WS QUAYS Conservative
WS Sequel Balanced Target Return Strategy
WS Sequel Cautious Income Strategy
WS Sequel Cautious Target Return Strategy
WS Sequel Global Target Income Strategy
WS Sequel Growth Target Return Strategy
WS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 3
WS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 4
WS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 5
WS Verbatim Multi-Index Portfolio 6
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Capital Risk: The value of funds and the income from them can fall as well as rise as a result of market or currency fluctuations, and you may not get back the amount originally invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Please ensure that you read the Key Features and full product literature (on the pages after the applications) before choosing to make an investment. In particular, some funds might have special risks (such as the ability to defer withdrawals) and you should make yourself aware of these. All funds have the right to suspend dealings in extreme circumstances.

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